Sunday, July 28, 2013

38 Week Update

So it's 12:11am (so i am actually 38W 1D).

I wanted to quick write some stuff out in case I don't make it through the night before I go into labor.

As you know, I have been quite sick over the last few weeks. 
Diarrhea, vomiting, heat flashes, sweats, cramps, contractions ect. ect.

Last night I was SO SO SO SICK ALL night long. 
Cramps like you would NOT even believe.

I even took 3 sleeping pills and could not sleep at all.

I called my midwife this morning. She said don't eat or drink much but sips of Ginger Ale and just wait it out. Sounds like a stomach bug. She said if I was still sick around 6pm to come in and get some fluids or something. 

I started cramping again around 8pm and realized I have not felt the baby move really at all today. 
I thought to myself. I seriously cannot do another sleepless night of vomiting and cramping...

So we went to the Birth Center at Woodwinds and got the baby looked at and got a few urine tests done to check for pre-eclampsyia, infections and dehydration. 

After talking to the midwife for about 20minutes and telling her about my last few weeks she said that everything sounds hormonal (THANK YOU!!! THATS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING!!!!). It's all rhythmic and doesn't sound like a stomach bug or the flu or anything. I am free of infections and don't have pre-eclampsyia. She checked my cervix and said I am still at 1cm-2cm and 75% effaced, but she really thinks I will go into labor in the next few days here.

She said it looks and sounds like "my body keeps trying to go into labor, but doesn't quite get over that hump of going into active labor." Hence the body continuing to clean itself out and the hormonal surges.

You know I LOVE MIDWIVES!! She talked about some anti-nausea medicine and i told her I didn't think it would help at all since it's not the nausea that is so bad, it's the cramping, vomiting, and diarrhea that's so bad. She agreed with me and asked me what I wanted to do or felt like I needed. I told her I want to take extra sleeping pills and go home and hope to come back in labor :) I don't want fluids in an IV if I am well hydrated just drinking water and Ginger Ale. She totally agreed and sent me home and told me to call ANYTIME with ANYTHING I had questions about. 

So, I am contracting (as always) and not really getting my hopes up. But I went to the bathroom just now and a HUGE, THICK, Glob of elasticy mucus came out and it had streaks of blood in it. That's hopeful right?!?

So I took 4 sleeping pills about 30 minutes ago and really hope I can get at least 6 hours in. I don't think I can continue to function on 30 minutes here, 2 hours there much longer. 

Weighing in at about 180lbs last Friday. Not bad! Probably less now since I have been so sick.

Some stretch marks, but mostly from the twin's pregnancy.


  1. I've decided that Elias would like to be born in August as well as let you try that water birth you've been wanting! August 1st is a good day, but I know you probably want to strangle me for suggesting August 1 when looking at the calendar and it's still a few days away, haha!

    Question - are sleeping pills safe for baby? I, as an adult woman, am scared of sleeping pills for me! I couldn't imagine taking several?? Just curious. I guess since you've already discussed it with the midwife that they are okay (are they natural melatonin or something??) but I was a little taken aback reading that.

    I'm NOT however, taken aback, about having a glass of wine here or there in the late third trimester. I've read that is fine and can be good.

    Best wishes! I hope you have a quick labor with him, since you are going through so much now.

    Every time anyone I know has lost their whole plug they had their baby within that week or sooner.

  2. Haha August 1st would be fine. I REALLY wanted a July baby, since I already have two August twins :)

    Yes my midwife prescribed the sleeping pills to me.
    As you probably know, I am usually VERY resistant to take any medicine for anything, but man this pregnancy is so much more tolerable with a few hours of sleep at night!