Thursday, June 20, 2013

Potty Training Hayven

For the last few weeks we have been working with Hayven on being potty trained. 
Today is day #2 in panties.
Yesterday was her first day out to the store in panties.
Today would be her first time out for church with her potty, but it's like a million degrees out there and I am NOT going to sit outside for 6 hours...

Here is an over-cap of what we did for Hayven's potty training. She was MUCH different then the twins:

(1) Naked!!!!: Like the twins, she ran around naked and I would try to catch her midstream peeing on the floor and run her to the potty. I would make a big deal about peeing on the floor being "yukkie!! No peeing on the floor Hayven!!! We pee on the potty!" I would also make a big deal when she finished on the potty. Everyone would clap and cheer and she would get candy.

(2) Tip: Don't Freak Them Out!!: So Alex is a bit dramatic sometimes :) I love him! And Hayven had been nervous to poop on the potty so she had been holding it for two days. Finally, it couldn't wait any longer...

She farted and out exploded a turd onto the carpet. 
Immediately my husband started freaking out, "Oh! OH! OH! NO! What is that?!? Oh!!" 
Hayven started screaming. 
I rushed her to the potty to finish.
She saw the poop on the floor and started freaking out like it was alive or something. 
Needless to say, this set us back a good week from progressing with her because she was scared to sit on the potty.

(3) Carried on with Normal Life: We have things going on during the week and just put her in diapers when we went out and took them off when we got home. This isn't my ideal scenario for potty training, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

**I was a bit distraught with her learning style. The twins simply understood when I told them not to pee on the floor. Hayven needed more. I tried briery, discipline, showing her, putting her on the potty every twenty minutes... but she wasn't seeming to get it. But we KEPT PERSEVERING.

(4) Disposables for the last trimester: My wonderful husband scraped up $20 to get a big box of disposable diapers to last me the rest of this pregnancy since Hayven wasn't seeming to show any progress in potty training. Sure enough, the night we bought them, she finally understood to pee in the potty. Ever since then, she has had a few accidents here and there, but she generally just goes when she needs to go. 

So read this along with my previous posts on potty training and hopefully you can glean some wisdom and encouragement when potty training your baby :) :)

P.S. Hayven will be turning 18 months on the 25th. She is 1 month older then the twins were when they were potty trained.

P.S.S. We got internet as of today so I will be posting more often again. Praise the LORD!!! And thanks to my hard working hero: Mr. Babe :)

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  1. Keep at it! You know what you're doing, just every kid is different as you see. I think 18 months is the perfect age for little girls and they will get it before 2 years. You may find your son to be a little more difficult, at least in my experience with boys. They don't care they same way as girls do about being wet/dirty/wearing big girl (boy) panties (undies) and are just generally slower to CARE about pottying. But that isn't to say he too won't just get it at 18 months either! :-) We shall see in about 2 years! haha.

    You guys are such a cute little family! I can't wait to see that long prayed for little boy. I can't believe I've been quietly watching your blog now since before Hayven! :-)

    Time flies! he's almost here. I hope he makes it to August, my favorite month of the year!!