Monday, April 26, 2010

Week Eighteen: Painfulness!!

I am beginning to wonder where all the extra skin is going to come from for all the stretching?? I am also amazed at how much the stretching hurts! I mean enough to draw tears! Everyday it seems for the past week or so. Also my lower back is in A LOT of pain already and I'm not even that big.

I get lots of people's opinions. Some to take it easy so that I don't make myself start contracting and don't end up on bed rest later on. Some say that I need the exercise that it will help with the delivery. I am just praying what the balance is.

Praise the Lord for all the things He continues to provide! A rocking chair that is cushioned and has a rocking foot rest. A twin feeding pillow. A changing table. And crazy people at church praying that I don't find out what my babies are until they are born, along with other ones who pray against that! :) lol. I love family!

And an amazing sister that is planning a baby shower for me from out of state! I love you mama cita!! A loving pastor who always come up to my belly and yells at it "HELLLOOO!!! I WILL BE SEEING YOU SOON!!!!" They can actually hear him now! Haha. But I am most thankful for my amazing husband! He gives me back rubs, gets me food, goes WAY out of his way to make sure that I am safe, and comfortable. He is setting aside a savings for the babies. He is planning on going to Israel again in 2011 for our anniversary. He figures by then we will need a break from the kids. Oh man, Mr. Babe is by FAR the BEST husband there could EVER be!! I am so blessed. Thankyou Jesus for Alex! I am so so so so blessed!!

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