Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Memories I've Waited For

I have ALWAYS looked forward to the day when my kids would say off the wall things that were so hilarious and I would NEVER want to forget. 

Well, that day has finally come!

You Crapped Your Pants?!?
This story is a little embarrassing, but I have to share it anyway.
We were pulling up to the house after my husband and the kids picked me up from Bible study. I went to get Ahavah out of the car and I farted. I said to my husband, "Oh man I crapped my pants!" Ahavah just chuckled. 

A little while later she grinned at me and said, 
"You crapped your pants mom?"

I started laughing. Then she added,
"Yep, my mom, she crapped she's pants!"

"... and then the wolf jumped over the moon at me!"
We were going for a walk after a bug snow storm and this large Golden Retriever jumped over the snow bank right at the girls. My mommy reflexes grabbed them and prepared to murder this dog if it attempted anything crazy!

We get home and were eating dinner and the girls were recounting this story to their dad,

Ahavah: "We were walking and this dog just jumped over the snow at us! It jumped really high!"Alecia: "Yeah, the wolf just jumped at us!"Me: "It wasn't a wolf... it was just a dog...."Alecia: "Oh, well it jumped over the hill at us!"Ahavah: "Yeah it did!"Alecia: "It jumped over the moon to get us!!"Me: "You're exaggerating again... it was a dog and it jumped over the snow bank at you... not over the moon..."

Why Can't I have a memory like that??
I have been memorizing a new verse every week for women's Bible study and have been saying them with the girls every morning over breakfast.

One day I was memorizing Romans 5:5 which is:

Now hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out into your hearts by the Holy Spirit which was given to us.
To my surprise, Alecia and Ahavah turn to me and say,

 "Now hope... not disappoint... 'cause the love of God... poured out in our hearts... by Holy Spirit... given to us... Romans 5:5."

Holy Crap!! So I proceeded to test their memorizing abilities the following week with Revelation 4:11:

You are worthy O Lord to receive glory, and honor, and power. For You created all things and by Your will they exist and were created.
They seemed to be struggling with this one, but on the last morning of the week, I asked them what Revelation 4:11 said and they replied,

"You are worthy Lord... receive glory, honor, power. You created all things... (then I needed to remind them 'by Your will')... by Your will exist and were created! Revelation 4:11... but we like Romans 5:5!!"

Man, I LOVE being a mom :) :)

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