Monday, March 11, 2013

18 Weeks!

Yay! 18 weeks!!!!

I have my 20 week ultrasound scheduled for Friday, March 29th at 10am! I am SUPER excited!

Yes  I am having ONE baby, and yes I am measuring two weeks further along then I should be.

General Update:
 My heart "condition" or whatever it is making it harder and harder to be preganat. Last Thursday it was racing all morning and I could NOT get it to slow down. Also, the baby is sitting on the same blood vessels (or something...) that my last babies did making me REALLY dizzy and absent-minded feeling like I am fighting for consciousness. Unfortunately, this has led me to back off on the amount of activities I am involved in right now :(.

Sleeping seems to be so hard, yet I almost ALWAYS feel REALLY exhausted. I got on some Vitamin D supplements because I guess my levels were really low, but they don't seem to be helping with this extreme exhaustion. 

Also, I have been so anxious about everything! My husband doesn't want me reading the news any more. It makes me so scared for my kids that I feel like I have panic attacks! The Lord is working in my heart on this of course :).

Baby Names:
 So I really think I am having a boy this time around and I thought (I say thought because I said this with my twin girls too) the Lord told me to name this baby Hezekiah. I did NOT like the name at first, but then I read up on the meaning behind it as well as the references in the Bible of King Hezekiah and I don't think I could have picked a better meaning!!!

 If this is another beautiful girl (...) then I like the name Selah or Torah.

Weight Gain and Exercise:
 I am proud to announce I have still only gained between 8-10lbs. I weight around 146lbs right now, which is still less then on my wedding day (believe it or not!)

 We eat EXTREMELY healthy at our house with nearly everything made from scratch, whole-grain, low in sugar, lots of fruits and vegetables and good proteins. I am NOT a fan of a "lean" diet. I love fats and think they are really good for you. We use LOTS of olive oil and coconut oil in our house. I use Organic butter for baking. We incorporate lots of nuts, beans, whole grains, and fatty vegetables in our diet.

Here is our general meal plan:
(1) Breakfast: Cereal or Home-Made Granola Bars with Coffee
(2) Snack: Bananas or Apples and Almond Butter
(3) Lunch: Egg Wraps with Hummus, Home-Made Salsa, Avocados and Raw Peppers, Snap Peas or other Veggie
(4) Snack: Cheese and mixed nuts; Fresh Juiced Orange and Carrot Juice; Smoothies; Chocolate Chips... :)
(5) Dinner: Brown Rice, Sweet Potatoes, or White Potatoes as our staple. Salmon or Chicken as a meat, and LOTS of vegetables. We love Tacos, Fajitas, Homemade Pizza, African Food (modified to make it a bit healthier) ect. 
(6) Dessert: Fruit, fruit and more fruit; Raw desserts (see my food tab for recipes).
(7) Snack: Usually some raw cheese (extra sharp of course) and nuts in bed, or another source of protein.

As far as exercising, I am going to be walking more now that my belly is much bigger and I need to help the circulation. Otherwise I do squats everyday and stretch several times a day. Keeping up with the house chores alone is quite a bit of physical exercise. I will do some pregnancy 10-minute workout off Youtube a couple days a week. The kids like to do it with me.


  1. I had the same heart "condition" during pregnancy. Not sure if this will help you, but drinking loads of water helped me. :)

    1. Yes thanks I have been doing that.
      I actually have seen heart doctors for years and we think I have what is called neurocardiogenic syncope.