Monday, January 7, 2013

9 Weeks

On the phone with Mr. Babe. He is telling me to take it easy and rest :)
I Love that man :)

Nine Weeks In...
I can officially say this is the HARDEST first trimester I have ever had!
The all-day sickness "morning sickness" is so bad! 
I smell EVERYTHING! (They didn't brush their teeth this morning... this computer has been in the bathroom... someone left the cheese package open in the refrigerator... there is a pickle under one of these pieces of furniture! I SMELL IT!!)

Today was the first day this week I have been in my kitchen. Just walking through it and I get grossed out and run to the toilet or nearest trash can. My wonderful husband cleaned out the fridge and left baking soda in cups all over the place. ORange and lemon essential oils have been my life savers.

Also, I am still getting the feeling like I have a fever. I get the chills and an SO COLD randomly. I am EXHAUSTED. Also a lot of pressure in my pelvis.

I will schedule my next Midwife appointment next week so we can listen to the heart beat and do whatever else you need to do at your 10- to 12-week appointment. 

I have amazing friends that have been taking my kids when I really need it. One of them just showed up to church on Sunday and said, "So can I take Hayven with me? I mean overnight? I will bring her back... tomorrow.... after naptime."


One. More. Month. I hope... 

Then maybe we will continue with school,
shower more then twice a week,
wake up before 10am,
eat a nutritious cooked meal,
mop that berry stain off the floor, 
take care of that laundry monster growing downstairs, 
and send a rescue team to help with the hurricane in my bedroom...

One. More. Month.

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