Wednesday, October 31, 2012

4 Weeks Pregnant and Bleeding

Sorry I have not posted in a while.
But I have a pretty decent excuse!


That's right! Number 4 (or more?)!!

This last Thursday (the 25th) my husband had finally agreed to allow me to buy a pregnancy test. So I peed on it right before we left for church and it was a very light positive.

He had a hard time believing me. He wanted more proof.

So... I went in to see a midwife. We did a pee test which came back negative! :(
We did a blood test, but to make matters worse, they sent me home without the results.

So I schedualed an ultrasound at the end of November to get an estimated due date as well as to see how many little ones I am carrying. Multiples run in my family.

I was having such a hard time with Alex at the beginning of all this. A few days before my period was due I felt nauseous and dizzy (which is normal). Then I was three days late and my boobs started feeling really tingling... I NEVER felt that with my last two pregnancies. Also, I was extremely exhausted

Alex has bought me probably like 7 or 8 pregnancy tests this year so he was pretty reluctant to buy me another one. But I started getting really nauseous and my belly is already showing.

He says it's not that he doesn't believe ME, he just needs more proof. This really hurt my feelings this time around for some reason. 

So here is a picture of my belly:

I have no idea how far along I am. 
But I weigh: 134lbs as of the beginning of this journey.

One more thing I want to mention about this pregnancy is that it is, sadly, surrounded by 5 deaths! Two of my friends had miscarriages (one in her first trimester and one at 37 weeks), my sister had a miscarriage and a man from our church died.

So this baby is surrounded by death and doubt. But I believe that God has an awesome plan for this baby's life!



I started to bleed at about 2pm this afternoon. It was like a big "plop" in the toilet when I went to the bathroom. I FREAKED OUT! 

I called the nurse line/on call midwife and she called back. I went in to get a second blood test so we could see if the hormone levels are rising, staying the same (both good signs), or lowering. 

The midwife instructed me through what to expect if I am going through a miscarriage. But she also told me I am about 4 weeks pregnant according to my first blood test yesterday. 

I am still dripping some bright red blood every time I go to the bathroom. It only comes out when I use the toilet. My pad is pretty much clean besides a few spots. 

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