Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Years Old

Yes, this post is a little overdue... 

My Twins Are Two Now!

Alecia Grace Deputie

"You guys poop everywhere!"
 "Yee-haw!" (All the time)
"Mom, I'm really hungry for rice."
"Mom, I'm really hungry for Mayo."
"Mom, hair so long?" or "Mom, hair salon?" (not sure which one)
"You coughing?"
"Daddy farted!!"

Ahavah Eden Deputie

"Hayven! Look at me! Look at my eyes Hayven! HAYVEN!"
"Oh, you head owies? Oh sorry mom!" Followed by kisses on my head.
"Stayin alive, staying alive. Ah, ah, ah, ah stayin aliiiiiiiiive, in Jesus!"

My Sweet Girls,
 I pray with all that I am that you two know Jesus and love Him with all your hearts. 
I pray you trust Him and find your security in Him. 
I pray you hold fast to His word and commandments and do not stray from them. 
I pray no matter what...
...evils you face, you press on in Jesus.
...joys you face, you give glory and praise to Jesus.
...hurt you face, you find healing in Jesus and stay soft toward Him.
...fears you have, you know your Jesus is bigger.

Oh My Lord, hold my girls.
Hold them so close.
I want You to protect them against all evil.
Against all hurt.
Against all pain.
Against all fear. 
But more then this, I want them to know You.
So if it means being in the midst of...
...evil, show them how You work things together for good.
...hurt, show them how You forgive.
...pain, show them You heal.
...fear, show them Your perfect love that casts out all fear.

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