Saturday, September 8, 2012


An ophthalmologist is a person who specializes in the branch of medical science dealing with the anatomy,functions, and diseases of the eye.

I am slightly near-sighted and far-sighted. VERY SLIGHTLY! I have glasses, but really never wear them unless I have headaches or know I am going to be doing a lot of reading. 

I was at women's prayer the other night and one of the women prayed that we wouldn't be too near-sighted or far-sighted so that we lose our focus on Jesus. 

I just can't get the word picture out of my head! 
SO, I must blog about it!

I envision having my head in that little uncomfortable... machine (for lack of a better term) having the eye doctor ask me which is clearer: A or B? as she switches the glass lense in front of my eye.

Sometimes Oftentimes I find myself either spiritually near-sighted or far-sighted.


Here are your list of symptoms for self-diagnosis:

  • Stressed out about the business of the day
  • Losing your cool over something as silly as a bad hair day, spilled glass of water, or the Cherrio that just got smashed into the carpet... again!
  • Feeling of being rushed into taking things into your own control instead of waiting on your husband or the Lord
  • Laziness (spiritually, physically)
  • Worrying about the situations at hand
*If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, immediately ingest 1 dose of Matthew 6:20; Jeremiah 29:11; and Isaiah 49:10 when symptoms flare up.

  • Waiting for that "one big thing" or "one big calling" God has on your life
  • Not getting too involved with anything, because you're waiting for, again, that "one big thing"
  • Preparing and always preparing for the future while missing opportunities right in front of you
  • Not being content with where you are, or what you have and always wanting/needing more
  • Worrying about the future
**If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, immediately ingest 1 dose of James 4:13-14; Matthew 6:30-34; Jeremiah 29:11; and Isaiah 49:10 when symptoms flare up.

Listen up! All we need to do is know our God. 
Hear His voice.
Do what He says.
Obedience is our safety net (and keeps us having 20/20 vision)!

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