Monday, July 30, 2012

Family Update & In Sickness or Health

I just wanted to update on what has been going on with us lately.
This will explain why I have not been blogging very much in the past month or so.

First off, we are getting ready to move :)

You know I L-O-V-E moving! (I am not being sarcastic either... I really do love it)

Fresh surrounding 
            Fresh memories
                       Fresh start

It has been quite the project this time around. I can't wait to show before and after pictures! 
So much of a project, we are all pretty wiped out...
Alex is on the right (obviously), Me on the left. If you look right behind my head there is Hayven. Under that pink blanket is Alecia, and wrapped up on the bottom left corner is Ahavah. My dad and step mom were also asleep on the floor and couch. My dad woke up and took this picture.
Also, my dad and step mom are in town! They are transitioning between living in the U.P. of Michigan to planting a church in Detroit. They are in town until their house closes in Detroit. 
I got a new tattoo... well half of it. 

 Also, I am hooked up to a heart monitor for the month. Been passing out from low BP and not being able to return blood to my heart and head. 

I only get really bad when ministry things come up such as Sunday morning church, Thursday night church, Tuesday night prayer and such. But, I am learning through it! Paul continued to preach the gospel even in his chains. 

Our calling doesn't change because of our circumstances.

Our labor in the Lord doesn't change because of our circumstances.

Our joy, peace, and hope don't change or even falter because of our circumstances.

Neither sickness,
nor health
Neither fear,
nor security,
Neither storms,
nor sunlight,
Neither weakness,
nor strength,
or unconsciousness,
Palpating heart beats,
or steady heart beats,
Nothing should shake our walk with our Jesus!!

I rejoice in my weakness!
Because when I endure, then I know it was the Holy Spirit in my that gave me the strength to press on!

Lean on Him, dear friends!
Press on!
Let's Fight the Great Fight together!
Let's end this life well!
Let's finish well!

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