Thursday, June 14, 2012

What About the Almost Two Year Olds?!?

Paging through the Saint Paul Community Magazine...
Endless web searching for some sort of program...
Pages and pages of reviews for every program out there...

Does NO ONE teach their kids French??

There are French groups I could get the girls in... when they are three.
There is a French immersion school I could enroll them in... when they are five.
There are several high-tech, expensive computer programs that I could buy... but can't afford it.

Is there ANYTHING for almost two year olds?!?

That's it! 
I have had enough! 
I am writing my own French Curriculum for Pre-pre-schoolers. 

I have a few months worth of stuff down already actually. 

I have posters that I have made:

Home made vocab videos:

Little Pim French Videos:

Labels for the home:

Kids Music in French:

Kids books and notecards in French:

I have a few more then this.

Now I am just slapping things down in the seconds of free time I get taking the time to collect my thoughts and type up a lesson plan.

I am also making Coloring Sheets that go along with each lesson group we are going through. For instance, we are working in things in the home so The coloring sheets will correlate with the labels that we place up everyday.

This of course is all on top of our main school program Heart of Dakota. We are going though the "Little Hands to Heaven" Preschool curriculum right now. We are about half way through it, but once we finish it, we will go through it again (considering my girls are below the age range for this). As I go through it, I am thinking of ideas that my girls would understand and be able to participate in which each study and writing it in the book. 

Also trying to incorporate French into this curriculum as much as possible.
Oh how I would just LOVE to get my hands on a kids French Bible!! :)

So yes. This is me, being frugal, as we'l as past my point of frustration of trying to find things for my girls who are just SOAKING UP the French language!!

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