Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Potty Training Update

Things are going great

We had a babysitter take the girls to a burger joint on Sunday and the girls went to the bathroom in the public toilet and went the whole time with no accidents. 

However, they had an accident in Nursery Sunday morning. The nursery teacher said she should have asked them if they needed to go. They also peed in their bed when the babysitter put them down for nap. 

But, when I am around they are accident-free. They are still running around the house naked because it's easier for me when they need to go potty they just go. I really need to start training them on pulling down their panties. 

And every night I put them to bed I explain, "Okay, we don't go potty in bed. If you need to go potty, you get up and use that potty right over there, then go back to bed." They reply with an "Otay!" :)

I bought them some Hello Kitty panties since they are doing so well and officially OUT of diapers forever!! :) YAY!

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