Friday, December 30, 2011

Bringing Home Hayven

Hayven Alexandria Deputie
December 26th 2011
6lbs 1oz

December 24th: Contractions pretty much every 5 minutes all day. Some really strong ones. Sharp pains in cervix like baby was pushing herself out. Spent the evening at my mom's for Christmas Eve. 

December 25th: Contractions every 3-5 minutes getting stronger and stronger. We attempted to go to Alex's side of the family get together, but my contractions got really strong an hour after being there and I thought my water was leaking. I went home, walked the hallways, bounced on an exercise ball and drank lots of water. 

December 26th: I asked my dad and step mom to bring me home some caster oil to help things move faster. Sure enough, like clock-work, after taking 1 1/2tbsp, 5 hours later (2am) I went to the bathroom and saw blood. I continued to bleed (a LOT actually with LOTS of really big blood clots) and my contractions got stronger and stronger. We called Stacy Fox who came over immediately to stay at the house with the girls and got the hospital around 4:30am. 

I waited out getting an epidural until 8am and was 8cm dilated.

I started pushing around 10:30am, but was delivering the whole sac (my water had not broke) and my doctor was amazed at how thick the sac was. He couldn't break it until he got this little hook and worked at it. 

6 pushes and Hayven was out! 

I held her right away! She never left my room. She nursed right away. She did amazing! We left 3 days later and are doing very well!

Ahavah and Alecia LOVE her! Ahavah has been acting like a big sister more and more everyday. Whenever Hayven cries she comes up to me and says "Oh no!" and points to Hayven. She also has been watching out for Alecia more. When Alecia is sad, she puts her hand on her back and leads her to me or just rubs her back. 

Having a family of three kids is a serious joy! The noise level in our house already doubled (and Hayven sleeps most of the day) and going places is much, MUCH more work. But I LOVE IT! I am so excited to see how the dynamics of our family become as Hayven and the girls get older. 

 We will now enjoy the month of January all together as a family since my husband has the whole month of with FMLA (PRAISE THE LORD!!!)

I must say, it has been the BIGGEST blessing having my dad and step mom in town for 3 weeks! They even got to be here for the birth of their 3rd granddaughter. Seriously a blessing! I can't even tell you! I love you guys! 

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