Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Days You Don't Want to be a Mommy (Blowout Guide)

How many blow-outs does it take to drive a mom crazy? 7-8 a day would do it. Then times it by two (because I have two babies folks), yeah that's a lot. And for how long? Oh, at least three days... naw let's make it a whole week!

Then God leans over and asks the angel, "How can we teach this lady how to better endure trials? How can we show her that she is completely inadequate of holding her patience together in all circumstance? How about we have her really sick and throwing up too!" (I don't think God really talks like this... this is just the reality show that plays in my head).

So my precious babies spent the week on towels on the floor. The successfully spew orange lava on the blue couch, the tan couch, their high-chairs, the crib, my bed, in the store on my arm, and in over 20 outfits each. Then I are gotten smarter and put them on towels with no clothes on. There they ate, played, watched Petit Pim, and even slept on a towel.

How to handle a blow-out:
  1. Bring directly to the bathtub, clothes on and all
  2. Start the water (make sure it's not scorching hot or freezing cold)
  3. Take each piece of clothing off and the diaper in the bathtub and put aside on the back part of the tub (opposite of the faucet)
  4. Rinse the baby off. You might as well make it a bath time and take some soap and scrub them down from head to toe
  5. Dry, diaper, and re-clothe the baby.
  6. Using hot water, rinse all the remaining poop off the clothes and bleach the bathtub
*Shout is your best friend! Seriously!*
How to Prepare for a blowout when you are out and don't expect one:
  • Keep Plastic Bags in your diaper bag
  • Keep at least two changes of clothes in your diaper bag
  • Make sure you always have plenty of wipes. They can be used to quickly wipe poop off spots (such as exposed clothing or someones hand). They also can be used to wipe off the changing table before you put the baby down. For really bad, full diapers, place a wipe alone the baby's back where the poop is oozing out and lay the baby on the wipe. This makes it easier to clean up and you know it won't be smearing all over the surface the baby is laying on
Hope you all learn from my crappy experiences :)


  1. Just another reason why we use cloth diapers--no blow outs!

  2. WOW that is WAAAAAAY too many blowouts... I guess at that age I mostly used cloth diapers so maybe thats why I am amazed? I never had more than 2 a day and only that when she was sick or I forgot to change her for awhile... either way that seems like a lot.

  3. Oh it was alot! More then anyone should have to handle !! :)