Friday, April 8, 2011

My Little Sinners

It is so interesting to see the personalities of my little girls come out more and more. Like my pastor always says, children are just little version of us. Like compact sinners.

For example, Ahavah (in the picture below) is very strong willied! Once we were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner together and she kept trying to grab my plate of food. I tapped her finger and said, "no". She would cry and then look at me, look back at the plate, look at me, look back at the plate and then go for it again. I was consistent and kept tapping her on the hand and saying "No Ahavah". She stopped reaching for it for a while. She would look at me and put her hand out like she was going to touch it, then retreat her hand back and start crying. She definitely knows that she was disobeying, but really wanted her way!

Alecia (in the picture below) is pretty obedient. You usually only need to tell her "no" once and she will listen. However, she is very clingy. She needs mom, blankie, or her sister around her all the time. If Ahavah is around, she is usually okay. If I leave the room, it is tragic, but she will usually forget I exist until I come back. And when she is tired... oh my goodness... watch out!! Blankie is like a drug for babies. I totally love having an item that they are attached to. When I can't calm them down for anything, blankie comes to the rescue!!

All in all, I am told I have very well behaved children. They don't usually cry when they go down for nap or sleep. We can pretty much take them anywhere and they behave amazingly. They can fall asleep anywhere and sleep through pretty much anything. They still do pretty well with strangers too. I am very blessed. However, I hear that in the next few months their behaviors could change dramatically... I guess you will just have to come with me on my adventure of motherhood ;)

My very, very dear friend Katie Hentges is pregnant and I am very, VERY, VERY excited for her! I hope that my blog can encourage others through pregnancy and motherhood and wife-hood. Let's take this journey together! Lets raise our little sinners to follow and love Jesus all the days of their lives :)


  1. I always tell people with my first I really wanted to prove God wrong, and I really didn't want my littles to sin.

    Turns out, God was right.

    It's so funny to me, how real our sin, and selfishness really is.
    oh man.

  2. :-) your blog is such a blessing man! A great resource for encouragement and wisdom! Love you! Praying for you!