Monday, March 14, 2011

Nugget of Wisdom From a Fool: Unconditional Respect

Love and Respect. Great book by the way... IF YOU WANT A SERIOUS KICK IN THE REAR!!!!! (A good kick in the rear of course). My husband and I are going through it.

Unconditional love: what all people want, right? Despite how many times I screw up, I want to be loved through it. It doesn't need to be earned or worked for, it's just there. It has no conditions (hence the "unconditional"). Well what about...

Unconditional respect: This book challenges to ask any man if they would rather be loved by people, or respected by people. 85% of them would probably say respect. This is just the way God made them. So why does no one know about unconditional respect?

This is what my husband and I came up with: in our culture it is NOT okay for a man to mistreat his wife. However, a wife can act anyway she wants to her husband (in some aspects) and it is not nearly as big of a deal as were a man to act the same way. What?!? That is such a double standard... but think about it... it happens all the time.

So if unconditional love doesn't need to be earned or worked for and there are no conditions to getting or keeping it... why can't it be the same with respecting our husbands? Why can't we be wives that admire our men and honor them so that they can have confidence they are respected and grow into the man we always wanted them to be!

I am going to take this much more seriously from now on! I am going to strive to respect my husband unconditionally. Whether he deserves it or not. After all, we are all sinners. But I trust his relationship with the Lord and I know that he hears from Him. Therefore, I can trust that my God will be teaching him and growing him into a strong man. I will stand by and show my man that I have confidence in him (because of the Lord), and that no one will stand by him like I will (because of the Lord)!

I already have an awesome husband... now I am going to encourage him to be all that he can be... Super awesomely awesome! ;)

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  1. What a great encouragement Cassie! It is SO true that there is a double standard in our culture for the way men and women treat each other. And really, our respect really does go a long a way in giving them the confidence they need to become great men of God. Thanks for sharing this!