Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Diet Day 5 & Vision for my Blog

Day 5 on the deprive yourself of everything good endometriosis diet.

So far, no nausea. I am tired, but I must relate that to this horrid chest cold that I am still trying to get over. I did have some pretty intense pelvic pain on my right side. The same spot that has bothered me for years. I know that that is the endometriosis.

I don't know if anyone cares how this diet is working out for me, but I am mostly recording it for (1) myself to remember how I felt along the way and (2) others who may want to start the diet and read how it went week-by-week for me.

I was talking with a very dear friend of mine and I was explaining to her why I blog. I started because I wanted to remember every week of my pregnancy and I just don't get joy out of sitting down at a journal for 30 + minutes at a time when I can type the same thing in 5 minutes. Now that I have kids, almost 2 years of marriage, and years of medical/ alternative medicine research under my belt, I have realized what a ministry that I can have through this blog!

I hope that it can encourage people in 3 main areas:
  1. Wives and Marriage (or singles aspiring to be wives): I want to encourage ladies to be all that they can be in their marriage. A marriage that is filled with love and joy, peace and fun! One that functions how the Bible intended it to. I want to give "nuggets of wisdom from a fool" (I am the fool folks). Tricks and tips on things that I have learned make a great marriage.
  2. Mothers (particularly stay-at-home moms): This is a huge calling on a woman's life and our society today makes it seem like women who choose to be homemakers are (1) lazy, (2) a burden, (3) uneducated... you name it they say it! But being a mother is the highest calling for a woman! Think of all the lives that you are influencing simply by investing and pouring into your child! How many people will your child impact in their life?!? What will God use them to do? And YOU have the ability to build the foundation of how they view the world, how they interact, how they see God! That it HUGE! I want to share what the Lord has shown me through pregnancy, child training, craft ideas, homeschooling and the mix.
  3. Health/Nutrition: I am a huge believer in managing ailments through diet, exercise, herbs, all sorts of things. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to study things and have for many years now and love to help people with their health/nutrition concerns.
To God be the glory! He can do what He wants with my blog. Maybe it's just for me and a small group of others. Whatever it is, I get blessed by it. :)

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