Friday, January 28, 2011

Rice Cereal and Shots

Growing, growing, growing... my girls are now eating rice cereal! I can't believe it! I just might cry! They will never be babies again :( WE have the girls join us at dinner time and it is just awesome! They just stare at us eating out food and smile at their dad when he says ANYTHING! They love him and are so captivated by them it is just incredible. I never thought I would get so much joy out of seeing my husband love another girl (or two) as much as he loves me.

All these moments are so precious! I don't want to forget any of them. I am so blessed to be able to say at home training my kids up and being able to partake in every moment of their lives. From their smiles, laughs, and falling asleep at the dinner table.

My mother ("masha" to the girls) and I took the girls to their
4week/ 2month/ 4month/ 6month appointment... Hey! We only have one car. Give me a break. The girls got "3 shots", which was really like 6 immunizations. As a result, they had fevers and diarrhea yesterday as well as a serve case of crabbiness. All they wanted to do was snuggle with me and sleep all day. It was a chill, laid back day; however, becuase they napped so much, they wanted to be up most of the night. I think I got 4 hours of sleep?? Maybe???

Praise You Father! I love and adore you!
Thank You so much for giving me two beautiful bundles of pure joy!
There is nothing as fulfilling as serving You by serving my family.

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  1. You seriously have the most fantastic photos! I need a new camera!!! This blog inspires me!