Monday, January 24, 2011

Remembering What It's All About

This morning, as my girls and I did our devotions, Oswald Chambers hit it right on point!
"Paul was devoted to a Person not a cause.
He was absolutely Jesus Christ's,
he saw nothing else,
he lived for nothing else."

Oh, what a terrible, easy trap to fall into. I often serve a cause whether it be building up my husband, training up my children, sharing the great news of Jesus Christ's death on the cross, ministering to the members of the body... the list goes on. These things are not bad; they are things that my Lord would like me to do. But, I get excited and consumed with the cause too often. It is Jesus Christ and Him alone! If all I do is seek His face, I would do better then to serve a million people dinner, clean my whole house, cook a fabulous meal, and bring my neighbors to knowledge of the good news of Jesus.

Oh my soul, remember your Savior.
Remember your Lord.
Remember His sacrifice.
Remember His grace.
Remember His love.
Never forget, O my soul, never forget!

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