Thursday, July 22, 2010

30 weeks... Emotions, Pain, and Miracles

Emotions. That sums up a lot of what has been going on. I watched "Americas Got Talent" and, no lie, I watched these two sister preform and and when it came to the results... I bawled my eyes out! Like sobbing! My husband walked in the front door from work and was like "what is wrong with you?!?" Not only that, but Alex can say anything to me and I just cry!

But to add to the emotional wreck, Alex and I had to make some really rough decisions. First of all, the baby shower. We decided to make it in our apartment (despite the fact that is will be REALLY crowded). I am SO glad that we aren't rescheduling it!
But the hardest thing was telling Nate and Susie that I can't be in their wedding. I had to hand my dress and shoes over to them to find someone else to stand for me. I am still being involved as much as I can in the planning and I am going to do her hair and makeup, but it still sucks!!! :( I can't even go to the wedding and watch the BEAUTIFUL event of them becoming one. But I will MOST DEFINITELY will be covering the event in prayer!!

My husband has been so wonderful! He just holds me when I cry, listens to me and all my crazy complaints, and reminds me to hang in there. He has been cooking me wonderful breakfasts, and latley great dinners. He helps me get in the bath tub and get clothes. He keeps the house clean. He pushed me around the neighborhood in a wheelchair becuase I haven't been outside in weeks. And on top of that, picks up my WIC stuff, my prescriptions, and is working on stuff for the wedding, going to be packing to move, working... hes superbabe! Praise God for Him!

Pain. Cramps worse then any period I ever remember having. Back pain and nausea too. But, of course, superbabe does all he can to help. Last night he drew me a warm bath and cut up some strawberries for me to eat while in the tub :). I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

Miracle. I went to the doctor's office today because the cramps and they did monitoring. They said I was having contractions and cramping that they could pick up on the monitor. They ran a bunch of tests. I got a pap smear type of thing, a cervix check, urine test, ultrasound (internal and external). All to say that God worked a miracle! So I was dilated to 1cm and 60% effaced and I was told that labor is irreversible. However, my cervix is now closed and I am not effaced ny more! Praise the Lord! He is so great! On top of that, a person with one baby should weigh almost 3lbs at 30 weeks. My twins are 3lbs 4oz (Ahava) and 3lbs 6oz (Alecia)!! My doctor said, "Wow! You have some big babies!"

All this to say I am still on bedrest and drugs. In fact, he prescribed me enough drugs to last to 36 weeks but his comment was "even though you won't go that long". So 4 weeks is looking promising! I am very happy! The less time my babies have to spend in the NICU the better!

My devotional time on bedrest has been fantastic! God is teaching me so much about my ugly character and His flawless one. I praise Him for all He is doing!

And I am thrilled for my shower on Saturday!!!!!!!!

P.S. I weigh 175lbs. SO I have gained a grand total of... about 30lbs! Wooo stinkin Hoo!! Thats really REALLY good! I am impressed ;)

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