Friday, July 9, 2010

28 weeks and A LOT of GREAT news!!

So I had my 3 hour glucose test Wednesday. I made my mother come with me. She said that she didn't realize it was 3 hours when she agreed to accompany me :). What a trooper! My wonderful sister let me use her laptop to play The Sims 2 in the doctors office. Well the good news is that I passed! I do not have gestational diabetes! And another good news is that I got free lunch! WOO HOO!!

I also had an ultrasound Thursday and got to see how my beautiful daughters are doing. Alecia (Baby B) did a great job at flipping to head down this week! You go girl! Ahava (Baby A) is so low into my pelvis we couldn't get a picture of her face this week. But She is measure 28 weeks and 3 days (which I was 28 weeks and 1 day at the time of the ultrasound) and a magnificent weight of 2lbs 8ounces! Alecia is measuring 29weeks and weighs 2lbs and 12ounces. I got to see her face and she looks JUST LIKE ALEX! She has the beautiful full lips that sit right under her cute little button nose! Oh I can't wait to see them! She had her arm or something covering Ahava's face during the ultrasound too which made it not possible to see her.

They look just great! They are doing really REALLY well for twins! Their amniotic fluid is measuring good, they are measuring further along then they should be weight and length wise, and they look perfectly developed. Praise You Jesus! Thankyou so much!

As far as me physically... I STILL have been really REALLY sick. Like lay on the couch and cry all day because this third trimester is kicking my butt sick. I don't sleep but one or two hours in the night, which is so disheartening and frustrating. And my husband started the Makers Diet so I have to get up at 5am to prepare all his food for the day. We have been sleeping in the living room for weeks now becuase it's TOO hot in our bedroom. So my husband has been praying over me everyday asking the Lord to give us wisdom on what to do. I had a feeling to stop taking my prenatal pills and have skipped them for two days now and feel a tremendous difference! I still don't sleep ever, but I don't feel like laying in the fetal position and crying due to discomfort either!

Staying busy with ministry: children's ministry (which I am NOT dropping out of until I absolutely cannot do it anymore), children's worship (which ends August 1st), some things for Susie's wedding (which will also come to an end August 1st), and some random stuff that comes along.

Staying active is really hard now. I haven't been for a walk in like 2 or 3 weeks :(. I defenetly feel weaker and much heavier. I plan on going for one today.

Have been having Braxton hips... hicks... whatever contractions at least once a day I think. Not too worried about it though.

It's so cool to feel my little one's press their little knee caps into the top of my belly. I can push back and feel their little bones and the movement of their bodies. I kinda like it now. It was really gross and freaked me out before, but I like it now. It's not cool to feel them press against my bladder or colon though. That is the worst feeling ever I think.

Oh my gosh!! I got to meet with my Uncle Shawn and Aunt Edyth Wednesday! I cannot believe I have such awesome family members! Praise the Lord! It's what I have ALWAYS WANTED!! I mean Alex and I had REAL fellowship with them and were EXTREMELY encouraged by them. I didn't want to leave my grandmothers house. They come again in August and my husband kept going on and on about how much he loves my uncle Shawn! I can't believe this! Thank you Jesus! You bless us so much! I seriously plan on facebooking my aunt about questions and encouragement when it comes to anything: marriage, children, you name it.

Lord God! I praise Your name! You are marvelous! Thankyou for blessing me more then I deserve. I have healthy babies growing inside of me, a wonderful husband who showers me with love, support, and prayers, family who are believers, answers to why I feel so horrible all the time, and much much MUCH more! I praise YOU Father! Please sustain me the rest of this pregnancy. Give me strength to continue to serve others in ministry and my husband at home. Continue to remind me to be selfless and practice keeping my flesh under subjection before I have two little one's who will be watching everything I do. I want to glorify You Jesus in ALL that I do, EVERYTHING that I face, DESPITE how I feel.

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