Sunday, July 11, 2010

Preterm Labor

Sooo... Friday I was getting ready to go for a walk and had to go to the bathroom before I left. Right after I took care of that messy business, I felt horrible! Got chills, was achy, started feeling feverish, no appetite ect. SO I just layed on the couch the rest of the evening and figured by morning I might feel better. Ran a fever of 101.1 that night and hardly slept becuase of chills and aches.

Next morning I felt worse then before. Could hardly get out of bed to pee. Had a temperature of 102.5. But stubborn old me wanted to just wait it out at home instead of going into the ER and have them send me home after 12 hours there because I had the flu. But my husband dragged me in. They sent us right up to Maternity Care. Good thing too. Turns out I am dilated 1cm and 60% effaced with contractions every 4-6 minutes.

So here was all I went through in my first few hours:
(1) IV: this was a horrible experience. Apparently I was so dehydrated they couldn't find any veins to get the IV into. They poked my hands and wrists 8 times before they got into a vein that didn't cause edema (water under the skin and not in the vein). This sucked and hurt worse then you think!
(2) Some papsmear like swab along with a cervix check, which actually wasn't that painful at all...
(3) A shot in my left arm that was supposed to stop the contractions (which it didn't by the way). It made my heart beat REALLY FAST and I was shaking uncontrollably and breathing like I just ran a marathon.
(4) Antibiotics put through my IV as well as a TON of fluids.
(5) Some powerful pills to stop contractions (because that shot wasn't enough)
(6) Some Tylenol to get the fever down and headaches from all the drugs
(7) Steroid shot to develop the babies lungs in case they are born prematurely

So that was the first few hours... most of this needed/still needs to be repeated several times a day. I just finished all my antibiotic sessions (every 8 hours) so my IV was just taken out PRAISE GOD!!! The cervix check at least once a day. The powerful pills every 5-6 hours depending on how bad my contractions are. And I had my last steroid shot today (WHICH HURT!!)

I have no idea how many more nights I will in this hospital room. I would love to see the outside world again. But I do know a few things:
(1) Bed rest from here on out. Canceling all commitments I have made :( and being a couch potato
(2) Taking lots of drugs at home and more doctors appointments.
This is IF I get to go home of course. My nurse was telling me that some women spend the rest of their pregnancy in the hospital under surveillance. I mean like 6 more weeks in the hospital!!

I may not even be able to cook, clean, walk up stairs, drive a car... seriously just lay in bed and wipe my butt when I'm done in the bathroom. My poor husband!

Charity and Jordan went to our apartment and filled a bag with great stuff like pillows, blankets, deodorant, tooth brushes and paste and all that great stuff! My mom bought me a bed rest survival kit which included a special pillow for sitting on the couch of up in bed, a lap deak thing for a laptop or book, a scrap booking kit for my baby girlies, an organizer case to fill with stuff and bring to bed with me, snacks, gum, tictacs, a bunch of books, chap stick and some other random small stuff. Also, Brad and Kate made us a steak and veggie dinner and brought it to us! Thank you all so much for your AWESOMENESS!! You totally made a kinda sad/depressing situation not so bad.

The Goal: is to keep the babies in until 34 weeks. 32 weeks would be okay if they really wanted to come out at that point, but 34 weeks is ideal.

How I am doing: I REALLY HATE the idea of being stationary all day everyday for 4-6weeks. Granted it could be longer, or worse or whatever... my poor legs are in pain from 4 days! Muscles deteriorating... neck and shoulders swollen... miserable... whatever. But I also, on the flip side, totally trust the Lord. Really! I haven't freaked out about any of this (expect for all the drugs they pumped into me!) becuase I know that God's will is perfect and despite how anything will turn out, His will is way better then what I think is best. I am serious! Even if we lost these girls, I know it's Gods will and it's perfect. I would be terribly TERRIBLY sad, but I wouldn't be mad at God. I am not even anxious about it in the slightest bit. Seriously! I know that He is in control. If He wants me on bedrest so that I can be still before Him before I become a mother of two... then PRAISE GOD! I wouldn't change this situation! Really!

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