Friday, July 2, 2010

27 weeks: Worst Week Ever & Bad Test Results

Wow 27 weeks I cannot believe at how fast this pregnancy is flying by! It actually feels more like it's trying to fly by and then attaches to my belly and stays there weighing me down all the time. Day 1 of my first trimester was Wednesday and since then, I have felt absolutely... HORRIBLE! Sick, weak, dizzy, faint, slightly nauseous, and emotionally crazy! I seriously don't think I can do anything but lay on the couch! And I still feel horrible doing that!

Today was my appointment and I had a glucose test. I drank this liquid that tasted like Mt. Dew with like 2 cups of sugar added to a 2 cup mixture. It was SUPER SWEET! I had to drink it in like a few minutes. Did it, felt fine, then 10 minutes later got REALLY REALLY sick. I mean I was in the nurses office pulling the trash can towards me because I thought I was going to hurl then pass out in my pile of Mt. Dew hurl! We went through the normal routine: checked babies heartbeats, couldn't find Ahava's so we went into the ultrasound room, talked about preterm labor and all that jazz. After all, I had an hour to kill before they tested my sugar levels.

So my test results: They said if I was below 140, I was okay and I would go home and not worry about anything. But if I was above 140 I would have to schedual a 3 hour follow-up test at the hospital next door. My sugar level was... dadadada....!!! 154! My nurse lady seemed shocked and concerned. She said I need to schedule this appointment immediately. Then she noticed that I was shocked I failed it so she added "don't worry, out of all the people who fail it, hardly any of them end up with pregnancy diabetes." Haha is that what's wrong?!? No wonder after I ate that 1/2 gallon ice cream cone from Nelsons I felt so horrible for days. All I eat is carbs anyway!

My 3 hour test is Wednesday morning at 7:30am. It's a fasting test, so I made it as early as possible because you know a woman HAS to eat!! I am making my mother come with me.

I have to start counting the babies kicking everyday too now. I have to lay on my side or something after I have eaten and count. The doctors want 10 movements per baby in a 2 hour period. That doesn't mean I have to lay there 2 hours, unless it takes that long to get 10 movements from each. This won't be a problem for Ahava (my baby A) because she moves ALL the time! But Alecia moves maybe twice an hour? Or several times after 5 hours. I will try it and see how it goes. I know Ahava is going to be the rowdy one of the two.

Hmm... what else is going on... trying to stay active, but really been having my butt kicked lately. So I am trying to at least eat healthy so I am not some fat pig by the end of all this. My husband's great. I don't think he realized how horrible I have been feeling until I came home and told him I failed my glucose test and how high my sugar levels were. He works with a diabetic and knows what he goes through so now he believes me when I say I fell HORRIBLE! Haha. He has been buying me Gatorade and beef jerky. But if I have this pregnancy diabetes that means no carbs: sugar or bread-like things! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!?!??

P.S. I now weight 176lbs! I have gained 35lbs! From 141 to 176! Thats so amazing!

P.S.S. I am A+ blood type. I have ALWAYS wanted to know...

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