Thursday, June 24, 2010

Week Twenty Six

So I found the secret to more comfortable sex... condoms! They are wonderful! No contractions, no cramps, and best of all no mess :)! Speaking of this subject, my husband finds me super duper attractive lately. Seriously! It's really great!!

Otherwise this week... the itchiness continues and the stretch marks on my belly are apparent, but not dark... yet. These girls sat REALLY low this week and were kicking organs that they should NOT be kicking! It was really uncomfortable. Not to mention I have been using the bathroom WAY more then I used to.

Sleeping is a hard-work, high-concentration sport at which I am very competitive, fighting for my few hours of REM and then losing by waking up in the middle of 3-4 dreams every night. Some due to my shrinking bladder and kicking daughters, and some due to the 30 extra pounds of self that restrict regular movement of any kind... My husband thinks its hilarious of course when I attempt to get myself off the bed to use the bathroom. Rocking back and forth, grunting, breathing hard, and finally throwing myself up with all my strength only to fall back on my back panting like a fat child who had to climb the stairs... what is this comedy central?!?

Alex and I have been reading "What the Bible Says About... Child Training" together every night. We are learning A LOT!! And praying a lot more together too. We pray together at least once a day right now. It's really great. Praying for our family, friends, church, government, and anything else that comes to mind.

Two Bedroom apartment here we come! One more month! I can not wait to have a clutter free living room and a set up nursery! WOO HOO!! About two months until my daughters decide to come into this world. I can't wait to meet them and hold them and kiss them and feed them!! I am SUPER EXCITED!!

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