Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week Eleven: Wow!

A third ultrasound was preformed just today. I saw the babies brains, ambilican cords, fingers and toes, elbows, and spinal cords! Baby A was moving around like he had the hiccups or something. He had his hands by his head and his feet sticking straight up. He was laying on his back against the sac just chillin'. Baby B was pretty content. He was laying on his face lol. They babies are 2 inches long each, which is further then they should be, so they are good and healthy.
I met my doctor today. His name is Dr. English. He is really cool, laid back, good sense of humor, and seems really genuine and honest. Non-threatening at all as a guy doctor. He even asked me if I wanted to get a pap smear or pee test. I said no, of course, since I did that last week. Praise the Lord! I prayed about which doctor and the Lord told me to pick him. My husband will feel safe when he meets him I am sure.
So my next appointment is at 17 weeks (April 15th) and we will find out the sexes of the babies. I pray that they reveal to us what they are at the ultrasound!
SO I swear that I am feeling these babies move. When the doctor put the thing (I don't know what it is?!?) on my stomach to listen for their hearts, he said, "Do you hear them moving?" and he was right on the spot that I feel movement all the time. When he asked, I felt the movement that I always feel. I think I am feeling them flutter around in there. I know I sound like a mom with wishful thinking, but whatever. This is my journal and I will record what I feel and think :).
So some plans have changed... My doctor said to expect the babies around 36 weeks, which puts us right at the week of two big events: (1) Moving into a two bedroom apartment (2) The prophesy conference, which I missed last year and REALLY wanted to go this year. But you know, the doctor thinks it's a good idea to be near the hospital when the babies come... i guess thats kinda smart.
Whatever the case, my husband is going crazy over my belly. He absolutely LOVES it! I don't think he even knows how crabby and emotional I am because he just stares at my belly and smiles. Everyday kisses my belly like a hundred times. I am just thankful that you can't get pregnant when you are already pregnant!! ;)

Physical Changes: Some serious stretching! Like for real my stomach feels like I did a hundred crunches! Not to mention rolling over in bed ALWAYS results in a charley horse of the pelvis. I am dousing myself in cocoa butter to prevent the stretch marks. I am still trying to figure out where all this skin in comming from that thinks it can cover this mound of babies growing on the front of my body...??

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  1. Aww. Well I'm excited that you get experience the joys. I know it can be tough through some of it but its something so worth it! I love you and I'm really happy for you guys. I know you"ll be wonderful parents and if you weren't God wouldn't give you 2 (haha) On another note. I was always very thankful as well that you couldn't get pregnant while pregnant also. continue to enjoy your pregnancy. I'll see you soon.