Monday, April 12, 2010

16 Weeks

Haven't written in a while and much has changed. I officially gained weight! Last time I weighed myself I was 145lbs! Thats 4lbs gained! It looks like so much more then that though.

Our ultrasound is in 3 days (Thursday) to find out the sexes. I am so excited I just cannot sleep when I think about it! I smile and can't wipe it off my face! I cannot wait to find out what these little ones are and start calling them by their names! I was pretty confident that they are boy-boy considering the Psalm that I was given at the beginning on my pregnancy, but my husband is confident that they are boy-girl, which, surprisingly, I am okay with. Mostly becuase I see how excited he is to have a baby girl. But I have had three people tell me that they had dreams I am pregnant with two boys. Time will tell!! I pray they don't hide themselves from us that day!

My eating habits are much better now and I am getting regular exercise. Nausea is not really a problem anymore. What is the most irritating is the painful stretching and the consistent itching!! Bad enough my stomach itches, but my feeding glands itch SO SO SO BAD!!! I can hardly sleep. Insomnia... not just becuase of the itching, but I believe the babies are awake at night.

I officially DO feel my babies move though. I think I started feeling them around 15 weeks. Fluttering and if I push on my belly I can usually feel where they are. They sit on my bladder and lower pelvis a lot. They also love to sit on the same side of my stomach making me look even more deformed then I already am.

Many people have been warning me that my babies will come really early. I am glad for the advice. It's nice to keep that in mind and stay prepared. My due date is September 29th, but many people have told me to expect them in August. We would have our moving done by then so I am fine with August.

The Lord has provided so much for us! Car seats, cribs (seriously like 5 or 6 of them), clothes (most of them promised to us from people), breast pump, baby monitors, toys... you name it, we probably have it or have it coming. Praise You God!

I can't wait to meet my babies! I love them so much! I pray over them daily and read the Bible out loud to them. I sing to them and play the guitar for them. I want to write a song for them reminding them of what the Lord has told me about them.

Lord God, keep these babies forming from their heads to their toes. Speak to them. May they hear You and follow You ALL the days of their lives. May they know Your voice and ALWAYS stick to Your Word and Your Truth despite what the entire world tells them to do. May they be strong and firmly planted in You with roots so deep no storm can pull them up!

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