Thursday, February 11, 2010

WIC results

Tuesday, the ninth, was my WIC appointment. I have lost 10lbs since becoming Prego. This really shocks me considering I am eating horrible foods, always feel hungry and always eat a lot, and have a ginormous stomach sticking out of my front side! I got my Wic tickets though. I get tofu, lactose-free milk, and other delicious things. Today was a “bed on the bathroom floor” day. Really sick. I never puke! Sometimes I wish I would. I think I might feel better.
I am starting to get freaked out now because everyone says that I am having two or more babies. Well my Wic lady thought that I was just bloated. This has been a LONG permanent bloating if that’s the case. She said to let them know if I am having more then one, in which case I get more free food tickets!! Yay!

TO my baby: My child. I love you. My prayer for you is that even in my womb, you may hear God’s voice, and feel His presence. I pray that everyday of your life you hear God clearly. May His voice never leave your ears as long as you live. I pray you seek Him for counsel and He hears you and answers you. I pray you are a tremendous leader, and an even better servant. May God form traits in you that He can use for His glory. Never depart from Him, my child. He gave you life, now give Him yours.

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