Friday, February 19, 2010

Week Eight Ultrasound...

My mother, younger sister and I stopped by Subway before we headed to the doctors office. Nervous, and overjoyed, we just had to get some food so we all smell like onions before the ultrasound. This was two days ago from today. Immediately after the "magic wand" was placed on my lubricated belly, two round sacs appeared on screen. My stomach dropped and I knew right away we were having twins. Fraternal twins actually. Apparently I dropped two eggs from my overachieving left ovary. "Good job ovary!" All those jokes about me having more then one baby and all those "intuitions" people had (mind you almost everyone BUT me) were not so fairytale anymore.

After I wiped the muck off my stomach, I went crazy at texting everyone I promised to reveal the results too. My phone was going crazy the next two days. Text after phone call after text of congrats. My poor husband got locked out of the apartment after work because I was so caught up in going to my ultrasound I forgot to leave the keys for him to get in. It didn't help that every nurse wanted to talk to me for an hour!
Baby B

Everyone's opinions and how do you say it... "two cents??" have been offered. "Man I hope you are ready!" "Well you better be happy it wasn't three!" "Don't worry, you'll be great parents." "I can't believe Cassie isn't working?!? How will you ever support both babies?" Yes, indeed, mostly pessimistic, but what do you expect? People don't think we can handle two babies. I mean after all we are only 19 and 24, newly married, and only one of us is working for a small wage. Well you know what world... We are thrilled! We are going to train up our children in the Word of God! We are going to teach them what it means to trust in God despite what the world says. We are going to homeschool our kids and they will be brilliant, strong, Bible believing, Christ fearing kids and there is nothing you can do about it. Keep all your pessimism to yourself, please! I suppose the only was to shut your critic up, is to outlast them...

"Thank you Father for such a wonderful blessing! We really want to be parents and we are so thrilled to have twins! I praise You and thank You for them! Guide us and teach us how to be parents. It's only through You that they will be made strong. May you bless us with however many children You desire for us to have, despite what the world thinks! I love you and I praise You for this blessing in our lives! It truly is a blessing and we are more excited then ever!"

P.S. Some physical changes this week are pelvis stretching. Seriously! I feel it almost everyday and especially at night. It's making room for those babies. The nurses put me on some serious Prenatal pills and some extra folic acid pills due to the family history (on mom's side of course) and they have been making me a bit nauseated. Dizziness and really tired still as usual. It's a work out carrying twins... and I'm only two months into it! My nurses told me to eat a lot. They aren't surprised if my diet raises by like 600 extra calories. I am underweight also. But each baby is measuring eight weeks (which is not usual for twins), but my uterus is measuring smaller then it should be for twins. Hence the stretching recently.


  1. You go girl! You are both so blessed and yes the Lord will provide for you all! Not to worry. he gave you both those little ones for a reason. Young or not you will be great parents- of this I have no doubt! And oh the stretching. I found that the rib stretching was worse though. Take some Tylenol, warm bath and some pregnancy pilates helps. You are doing great! Your uterus will measure a bit smaller too for a while since these 2 are your first. Hang in there!