Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week Seven: More then one?!?

So i officially officially have a belly. This makes me slightly nervous considering it is the beginning of week seven! All those jokes and prayers for me to have triplets are starting to freak me out. Haha.
I know that God has it all under control and He won't give me more then I can handle. If He gives me one, two... or three babies, I will love them and be able to handle it.
I am going to my ultrasound on the 17th. My baby(ies) is the size of a blueberry this week. He doubled in size compared to last week! That explains the mysterious lump that appeared on my front side this week!
My husband LOVES my belly! He is very excited! I have my little sister with me these next two weeks which is a real blessing. I know if I feel like crap she will take care of things for me. I love you Riah! I also got to see my dad in Michigan this last weekend. He is pretty excited too. He let me use his sweatshirt for the ride home since my jacket no longer fits me. Hahaha.
Dang! Look at that stomach!
Physical Changes: It's the beginning of the week and I am eating consistently, slight nausea, thankfully not as bad as last week. Otherwise, my monstrous abdomen is a pretty obvious change I would say.


  1. I'm so excited for you and Alex! You're going to make great parents. I love you both and am praying for health, and God's many blessings upon all of you, however many that may be :)

  2. By the way, Jenny is really Becca on her sister's account. LOL

  3. Dear Cassie, This is Sarah and Jess. We believe you have doubles or triples in there. Love you!!! We're so proud! And Happy for you two! :)

  4. Haha ironically quite a few people are saying that. Only time will tell. Unless God tells me first of course.