Friday, February 5, 2010

Week Six: Misery!

This is by far the worst week yet! I have been sleeping like 12 hours a day or more and so stinkin dizzy and energy-less... its ridiculous! I have resorted to sitting in my chair all day long trying to stay occupied to keep my mind off the tremendous misery that never lifts... but I keep remembering it will all be worth it when I snuggle up with my little one and smell that smell of baby!
My husband has been beyond fantastic. He went out and got me Chipotle at 9:45pm (they close at 10:00pm) because all I want is steak. He also has been getting me things like ginger pop. He just listens to me moan and groan and picks me up off the bathroom floor and puts me to bed with a cold glass of water. I love him dearly and often think I am the lukiest woman on the face of earth. well I know I am.
It will all be worth it...

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  1. Hang in there... week 6-10ish were the WORST for me... but shortly after comes 2nd trimester and its bliss. :-( Sorry it sucks! But you're right- it will totally be worth it.