Saturday, November 1, 2014

Boys, Girls, Nuggets, and Little Brothers!

Raising a Boy is so fun! 
My boy is very compassionate and protective
If anyone messes with his sisters, he'll fly across the room swinging his little arms like an angry bull.
If someones crying, he'll come up, pat their back and give them a smooch!
He also randomly comes up and give me kisses and hugs and then runs off to an awaiting adventure (probably to fight dragons or something heroic... which explains why I don't see many of them flying around our house).

He's always got somewhere to be and got something to do. 
Seriously, he runs around with his little arms swaying by his side off to a different room.
He's obsessed with my mop and broom.
He's also obsessed with my makeup (DRIVES ME CRAZY!!) which is in a basket on my bedroom floor next to a mirror. I have to keep it there since were a household of 7 and only have one bathroom. Unfortunately, it's a prime target for little man.

Many people have told me he's like a little man trapped in a baby's body.
He communicates so well! 
Not only does he sign, but he brings me his sippy cup and says, "Mom. Mom. Mom."
When he's hungry, he signs eat while saying, "Eat, Eat! Eat, Eat!"
He'll grab the Little Pim DVDs from the DVD basket and bring them to me, then go sit on the couch waiting for them to be played. 

He picks up spoons, swords, and spatulas and runs around making sound effects and beating things with the sticks. 
His favorite foods are bananas and rice (not together, although I'm sure he wouldn't oppose to that).


Hayven has been LOVING preschool! 
We are about 8 weeks into it. 
She's loves her letters and the Bible Stories. 

I LOVE being able to do school over a cup of coffee all in our pajamas some days! I'm going to miss these days for sure!
The Girls are all in the same CKC (Calvary Kids Club) class Thursday nights. They are actually on the same BOOK right now too, which makes life easier for mommy!!
They have been memorizing verses from the book of Romans which have helped them grow in their ability to share the gospel with other kids. 

Wacky Glasses Night at CKC

Speaking of sharing the gospel, my girls always blow me away when they go places (like Chik-Fil-A with daddy) and they come back and tell me that they shared Jesus with a girl they met at the play place, or a neighbor they met outside the house! 

Ahavah Reading the Bible to Elias one morning.

Ahavah accepted Jesus as her Savior two weeks ago! 
We were learning about Moses getting the ten commandments on the mountain and we wrote the commandments out and talked about them.
Ahavah was devistated that she broke God's rules and doesn't deserve to have a relationship with Him because of that! She actually deserves death and separation from God!
She learned what it meant that Jesus died in place of her. 
She was truly broken and asked God to forgive her and was so thankful for Jesus!

Alecia doing her Phonics Game on the computer.
We've had a GREAT month of October!
We've been able to meet with several families over dinner and pray and encourage one another.
We've been to a few baptisms and celebrated peoples commitments to the Lord!
We just had an outreach on Halloween Night last night called, A Hallowed Night (which by the way, was horribly difficult since I was preforming with bronchitis and a sinus infection... still terribly sick. Hence the blog post, sitting with my feet up in my recliner).
The Girls are at Chuck E Cheese right now with their CKC class (Again, hence the blog post :)).

Elias eating $1.50 10 piece nuggets from Burger King on a late Thursday night after church... okay maybe we got like 60 nuggets... do we regret it ? A little... 

The girls singing worship songs after a baptism.

 My baby brother FINALLY got to go home yesterday after his first nearly 2 months of life in the hospital! I want to pack up and go to Detroit and be with him so, so, so BAD!!! Here is AaronMatthew:

And my other little brother Tres rocking his new hair cut. I miss him terribly!
I talk to him on the phone almost every other day and just say, "Hi Tres! It's Favorite!!! I love you!!!"

Then he usually talks a little, presses buttons, and hangs up on me.


And the Lord's been working a great deal into me about so many things!
I've been really broken over my sin (and always surprised and humbled by how much of it there is! We are such a sinful bunch, us humans!) and so amazingly humbled at His grace and His blessings. 
I have so many things I wish to share, but the timing is not yet right. 

Just know that God will equip you to what you are called to do.

Step out and do it.

If you don't, you will miss out on so many blessings.
You don't have to feel good about it.
You just need to be obedient. 

I often tell the Lord, "I wouldn't do this if it weren't for You Lord! I wouldn't do this for anyone!"

It's not always easy.
Most the time, not everyone agrees with it.
But you don't live to please everyone do you?
No, you live for that day when you will see Jesus face to face and He will say,

"Well done, My Faithful servant! Enter into Rest!"

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