Friday, December 14, 2012

First Mid-Wife Appointment

I met with a midwife yesterday. Her name is Bridget.

She said, looking at my hormone levels and feeling my uterus, I m probably 6-8 weeks along... which would be impossible since I miscarried on October 31st. I think I am about 4 1/2 weeks along.

There are only two logical explanations:
(1) She is wrong
(2) I have more then one baby in my tummy

How this pregnancy has been:
Nausea every. single. day.
NOT bad though! I just keep moving and cleaning to keep my mind off it.
Really dizzy (as always).
Really sleepy.
I get the chills a LOT. Feels like I have a fever all the time. I can't keep myself warm.... or I get random heat flashes (especially while sleeping).
No real food aversions except for the thought of curry... GROSS!!

Cravings?? Only fresh fruit and vegetables. I eat whole cucumbers and avocados and juice fruits and vegetables. (Good Tip: DO NOT do raw onions when nauseous... BAD IDEA

I will post some pictures from the ultrasound next Wednesday and share how far along I really am... or other great news?!?

Here are some pictures from this last week:


  1. You look so beautiful, Cassie :) I'm so excited for you!!

  2. I knew it would happen again soon, before Christmas! I was so sad when your last little one went back home before you got to meet him. I'm very happy for you! It's so crazy to me how you show so fast!! I will remember you and all your babes in my prayers and pray for an uneventful healthy pregnancy and maybe a little boy (or two?!) that I know you would just love to add to your family. Although you have gorgeous daughters so no one would be sad to welcome another sister or two! haha

    I'm guessing you didn't or don't have regular periods so it's harder for you to gauge ovulation/thus projected weeks?

    by 4.4 weeks do you mean 4.5 weeks since actual conception (which would then be 6.5 weeks by medical definition) or 2.5 weeks since conception + the 2 weeks they add due to cycle?

    All the best!! can't wait to meet this new little one, or these new little ones.

    (I have a friend who has 6 children, through 3 natural pregnancies - 3 sets of twins!)