Friday, July 1, 2011

Personality's of 10 Month Olds

Wow! My pediatrician was so right when she told me that my girls would start having personalities before they were a year old! My girls are almost complete opposites. Their movement in my womb gave me a heads up on how they would be in the long run and so far, it has been right on.

AHAVAH EDEN DEPUTIE: My strong-willed, independent girl.
She through temper tantrums already! When she wants something, she will run you over to get it. She doesn't need to be cuddled and doesn't always cry when you leave the room... she will just follow you even if that means crawling all the way down the hall and through the kitchen! When she is disciplined, she is likely to try her bad behavior at least once more to see if she can get away with it.

ALECIA GRACE DEPUTIE: My gentle, cautious, dependent girl.
She is cautious before she does things. She is MUCH more gentle then her sister Ahavah. When you leave the room, she is garenteed to cry. She is satisfied snuggling with
mom, or on the floor with both her nookie and her blankie in hand. It's not that she doesn't explore and play, she is just quick to return to her comfort zone. When Alecia is disciplined, she is devastated and will likely obey after that!

I am also shocked at how my girls pick things up! If we have the television on in the background and someone starts clapping, both my girls start clapping. If someone lets out a sigh (you know a deep breath in and out), Ahavah will copy it with a sigh. When music starts to play on a toy or the television, they dance.

So as a mother, knowing all this... I need to guide their personalities to Christ and teach my children how to be strong-willed and hard-pressed for Christ and for the Word of God, as well as dependent on Him and how to run to Him for comfort. I need to teach my children to consider others when doing things. I also need to be careful how I act so that my children don't pick up a crappy attitude or my selfish ambitions.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"


  1. I love your girls :-) It is so neat how different they are! They are definitely their own person and not two of the same! They are just getting too big...

  2. I love how this is like mug shots, and criminal descriptions. Haha, made me laugh.

  3. Haha that is hilarious! I didn't even realize that. That definitely makes it more funny. Those pictures are like two months old too.