Sunday, June 24, 2018

Our FIRST Fair Booth!!

Ancient Medicine Cabinet had our first fair booth today!
It was a 2-day event that was a BLAST!
We were located in Stillwater, Minnesota. 

Here we are praying over our product, booth, gospel tracks, and business cards before we started setting up!

Here's what our booth looked like as we started setting up. 
We ended up needing to run to Walmart and purchase a tent.
Day two we got some pretty strong rain storms. 

It was fun walking around getting to know the other vendors and picking up some junk for our families.

Alyssa got to spend time with her nieces. 

We got to share the gospel with lots of people including a gospel track in every purchase as well as being able to as people questions like, "What would you say God's requirements are for you to get into heaven?"

Our favorite part was laying hands on people and praying for them. 

Sunday morning, I went to church while my sisters held down the fort at the fair until I could come after worship.

Here we are listening to the message on BIBLE RADIO.

It was a blast! :)

Don't forget to check out our Etsy shop and enter the promo code NOGREATERJOY for 10% off your order. 

I learned a few things doing this fair:
(1) There a lot of people with LIVER issues. I believe this is due to the overuse of over-the-counter medicine such as Tylenol and Ibrophin. Seriously, I've never met so many people with liver problems.

(2) Not make people actually craft things with their hands any more. Almost all the booths at this fair were those "business in a box" things like Lula Rue, Young Living, and some candle making booth. Even the booths that had creams and such were all purchased and re-sold items. Other booths were selling junk they got for free off craigslist. Some places sold refurbished furniture, but very few of them. 

(3) People are familiar with essentials oils (if only from hearing about them), but most ... MOST have NO IDEA about herbal medicine! This is such a shame! essential oils (in the concentration and way they are made now) are a new "thing" whereas herbs have been used since the beginning of Creation. 


Lost art of living! 
Lost culture!
First, they need Jesus.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Quick Update

We've been a tad busy between homeschooling, ministry projects, Alex's work trip to Flordia and getting ready for our first Ancient Medicine Craft Fair! Many things have gone gloriously, many things have gone wrong including a possible break in at our home and a complete flooding at my sister's. Also my phone is broken and I haven't been able to take pictures or update my blog due to this.

Close friends and family are moving.
Our beloved roommate is moving out this next week.

Things are changing. 

But still we're pressing on in Jesus and His Word!

We've had some intimate and powerful Bible studies as a family the last month.
We've been seriously attacked by the enemy with some crazy spiritual warfare.

Prayers are coveted and appreciated. 

The Deputie Family

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

New American Cursive 2 (Famous American) Review!!!

Who knew there would be so much to write about pertaining to a Penmanship book? I sure didn't know anything like New American Cursive 2 (Famous Americans) existed! The Deputie household was beyond blessed with the opportunity to review New American Cursive 2 (Famous Americans) by Memoria Press! Ahavah, my 7-year-old, has not only improved her handwriting skills, but has come to understand the application of neat handwriting in all areas of her life. 

What New American Cursive 2 (Famous Americans) Entails:

This cursive writing book begins with an in depth teaching guide previewing how to instruct and guide a child through the workbook as well as reviewing the three "p's" of cursive writing: posture, pencil, position. Children begin by doing some review sheets including copying the whole alphabet in cursive, some facts about themselves, reading a paragraph in cursive writing, and the several different shapes of letters (smiles, grins, and jumps). 

The lessons then transition to systematically working on each letter through the alphabet thoughoughly, but not exhaustively. One page covers two letters followed by a page of writing words that include the letters practiced. Sprinkled throughout these pages are some "Fun Pages" where a child is asked a question or given a topic to write about as well as a space to draw a picture. This nicely breaks up the mundane routine and reminds the student that writing is fun and practical. 

After the alphabet is overviewed, other lessons that most cursive writing books I have used don't cover are focused on. These lessons include exercises that zero in on the size of letters, the spacing of words, the connects between letters, and slant. These concepts are practiced with fun exercises such as copying famous quotes and what they mean to the writer, days of the week, free writing using certain words provided, journaling pages,  and some other writing games. There is even a section where different styles of cursive writing is demonstrated inducing excitement and uniqueness in the writer's penmanship!

The quotations that the child is encouraged to copy, meditate on, journal about and memorize are pieces from the Declaration of Independence, quotes from the founding Father, and other pieces of wisdom such as "Leave everything a little better than you found it". I am absolutely IN LOVE with the idea of this classical education, building a firm foundation in character, ethics, and ideas of liberty!   

There are some rather unique exercises in this curriculum! The student is challenged to write with their "other hand" as well as with their eyes closed. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the importance of practicing with the dominant hand as well as portray the clear growth that the writer has experienced when evaluating how well they really can write in cursive!

In the back of the book are some blank journaling pages and some sheets of lined paper for extra writing practice. The journaling pages are intended to be used as special assignments when a student is finished with the exercises of the day and have extra time. They can write the date and a journal entry. This type of "free writing" encourages the child to enjoy writing without correcting and, in turn, their passion for writing and their communication skills improve!

What We Thought:

I love this penmanship book! It makes writing fun, applicable, creative, structured, and includes instruction in so many areas that I never even took to deep thought when I write. I love the New American theme and the quotes and ideas and values that my children have meditated on while using this book. After using this cursive writing curriculum, my husband and I plan on switching from our current penmanship staple in our home to the Memoria Press Penmanship books! They are a bit pricey ($22-$23), but the line up so well with our passions in instructing our children in a Bible-based worldview and importance of reading, writing, and communicating. 

I also really like that these aren't just copy work books. They are lessons books that challenge the student to grow and improve and refine the skill of writing. This is needed more then ever in our ever technology driven society: children raised to read and write and communicate properly. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Project Garden: Fundraising

This year's Garden Goals were to build raised beds!

One large one in Mariah's yard since she gets full sun!
And one smaller one in my backyard since I get partial sun.

However, this year my dad and step mom are going in on the gardens too so that we can all share the produce! A couple other ladies from church are hoping to reap the benefits of the harvest as well. 

We looked at our calendars and laid out a plan for the month of May. 
Covered in prayer, we dedicated one weekend to a yard sale, one weekend to purchasing and planning the materials for the beds, and one weekend to building and planting.

We purged our homes (which I LOVE doing!!) and had a huge yard sale!

My oldest children and I spent time preparing lunches and dinners to last over the course of the yard sale. Everything was packed up and ready to grab and go.

In the morning we headed over to Mariah's house and we would either all have a worship time together, or we'd just pray and dedicate the day to the Lord.

Our prayer was to make $300-$500 AND be able to preach the gospel to those coming through the sale.

We made $350!

AND We got to share the gospel to a number of customers as well as lay hands on one in prayer and give her a Bible! The work the Lord did was amazing!

My other sister and her family came in town and we all (including my two little brothers and parents) got to just fellowship at my sister's house after we all tore down the garage sale things. 

Our husbands are all so graciously doing what they can to help as well. My brother-in-law is doing some side jobs for extra cash, my husband is giving plasma for extra cash, and my dad is selling some things online for some extra cash. 

Our next step is to purchase materials and build the beds (this is the guys job)!
We also need to pray over and purchase what plants or seeds we are to grow this season.

Lord willing, we will produce and afford enough to provide for our needs and the needs of others!

Here's me, my two sisters and two brothers :)

Friday, May 25, 2018

No More Dreadlocks!!

About a month ago we brushed out Alecia's dreadlocks!

I started them all by myself for a week, but only got 8 or so done...

So I recruited Mariah to come help me and I took a week off school to dedicate to saving her beautiful hair from needing to be all chopped off. 

Turns out her hair has a VERY tight spiral curl that I just breath-taking!

I love you so much Alecia Grace!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

T is for Tree: A Bible ABC Review

Children's books come by the thousands. 
Children's Bibles have been made over and over again.
ABC books have also been crafted time and time again.

However, T is for Tree: A Bible ABC published by Reformed Free Publishing Association stands above the masses. It's worth a deeper look in our opinion! We've had a wonderfully intimate time studying the intricate pictures in this book, mulling over the scriptures on each page and discussing Biblical concepts as we paged through this book over and over again.

For my preschool time with my youngest children we read this book over and over. My boys would get so excited at the turn of every page. They each had their favorite pictures and Bible verses.

Some of the discussions we had pertained to the page "K is for King". The verse is "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will." Proverbs 21:1. We discussed how we can submit to our authorities even if they aren't following the Lord because God is still in control and can turn a king's heart in which ever way He pleases. We discussed how the evil kings were able to conquer Israel in the Old Testament because God led them to do that.

My oldest girls LOVED reading this book to my littles.

Even the adults in the house would pick this book up and page through it once and a while. 

The book was written and illustrated by Connie L. Meyer. The artwork is incredible! I mean each page could be framed and hung on the wall. 

Each page takes a letter and a word that goes with that letter. There is also a poem and a verse. Color splashes across the page in brilliant artwork and is bordered by intricate designs that correlated with the Bible verse. 

Aryeh's favorite page was "B is for Bow" because he liked to identify all the animals around the border of the page. 

As one of my friends was paging through this book, she noticed two spelling errors that are worth pointing out. 

A is for Ants: the verse is supposed to say, "...they are exceedingLY wise". 

N is for Nest: the verse should read, "found A house...".

We love this book and use it for our preschool and plan on continuing to keep it in our bookcase of prized books. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Giving More Freedom

In order for our children to mature into adults (this is the goal of parenting), I believe we need to allow them to have some freedoms to make mistakes, to get into trouble, to be in situations that are sticky and allow them to struggle through them. They need to learn to hear the Lord's voice. They need to see that living according to God's Word actually will work out better for them. They need to feel conviction, fear, doubt, uncertainty, failure, depression, anxiety and all that comes with this flesh, and they need to do this while they are still under our care and direction.

Prayer and discernment from the Lord is important on our part. All parents want to protect their children especially from some sort of sin being perpetrated upon them. We need to be seeking the Lord on what kind of freedoms to give while still making sure we are being wise.

My seven-year-olds have proven themselves discerning and resposonable enough to gain some of this freedom that I am speaking of. 


A few weeks back I gave my oldest three girls the freedom to go to the park themselves. In my neighborhood that's saying a lot! And although it's only a couple blocks away, it was nerve wracking for me. I instructed them that they were indeed actually not going by themselves, but I was sending them with the Holy Spirit. I told them to make sure they're listening to Him and if He tells them anything, they NEED to listen. This along with a few other small guidelines. 

I sat at my kitchen table and called my little sister so I wasn't sitting at home like a nervous wreck waiting for my girls to come back home. 

I was so pleased to see them all together walking home at the time I instructed them to. And I love to hear the stories of how they tried to be the peacemakers between the kids at the park, or how they tried to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the kids at the park! 


Another time we were at my sister's house and I allowed my older 4 kids to ride their bikes with the neighbors all around the block. Again, I sent them with the Holy Spirit. However, this time they didn't listen to Him. My son came riding back and told me that the girls were following some creepy man down the ally way. I went and sought them out and asked my kids,

"Did the Holy Spirit ever warn you that this wasn't a good idea? Why didn't you listen to Him? If you're not going to keep your ears open to His voice and His leading, you could get into a very dangerous situation. Just like how you need to keep your ears attentive to when Daddy and Mommy call you and we expect you to drop everything and seek us out, you need to do that with the Lord. If He's trying to warn you about something you need to listen."

Their friends were just staring at me like I was insane. My kids totally understood and were sorry and encouraged to go out again in the leading of the Holy Spirit.


My daughter were playing with some older boys and they were playing a tag type of game. My oldest got her hair pulled very hard on accident. She came to me crying. Immediately I told her to stop crying and go to that boy and tell him what he did and ask him to be more careful. She went in confidence and boldness and explained to him that he was playing in a way that hurt her and didn't make it fun. He said he understood, and although he never said he was sorry, he did change his behavior and my daughter got to experience standing up for herself.


Lastly, a very recent situation: My daughters have been praying for and evangelizing someone for years now. This gave one of my children a gift. MY child received this gift with gratitude. An hour or so after, they came to me and said,

"Mom, can I talk to you for a minute?"
"Of course! What's up?"
"Well you know the ____ that ____ gave me? Well, do you remember at God's Not Broke (an outreach our church does) and you were sharing Jesus with that drunk lady? She said she believed in Jesus but I remember how she was acting and I don't think she did. Well I get that same feeling I got around her when I look at this _____ that ____ gave me. I don't think I am supposed to keep this."

"Well that's fantastic discernment! What you are feeling is called the discerning of spirits. You feel that, although this gift had the appearance of being of God, it in fact had a different spirit behind it all together! What do you think you should do?"

"I think I should get rid of it."


All these situations are the small beginnings of my husband and I learning and praying and allowing the Holy Spirit's voice to be heard and encouraging our kids to begin to practice listening to Him, walking in boldness, growing in maturity. We don't desire to shelter our kids to an extreme extent so that they are unprepared for life as adults. We desire to see our children grow in wisdom and knowledge and discernment and boldness and in faith.

I am excited to see that maturity the Lord has built in them and I am very excited to nurture that even more! 

Parenting is so exciting! 
It's so rewarding!
There really is nothing better!