Friday, November 17, 2017

Another Photo Bomb!!!

Because I'm still out of the country...
More random photos for you! :)

Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday, November 3, 2017

Gender Reveal and Pregnancy Update (13-20 weeks)!!!!!!!

Feeling Goooooood!

Weight Gained: 9-10lbs

Exercise: Not too much. A little here and a little there but really just normal house work and chasing the kids around, some Youtube videos, some walking.

Diet: Still mostly low-carb, high in protein, fats, and vegetables. I've been doing more sugar the last week then normal. And I am currently out of the country eating anything my heart desires :) Snacking on cheese, carrots, nuts, salads and Larabars. Eating salads every day once or twice a day.

Physically: Great! Sleeping well, not many aches and pains, a few Braxton Hicks but nothing crazy, still some recurring numbness and tingling from that "stroke episode" for lack of a better term. Taking lots of baths.

Ultrasound: Went well! Baby looks great! We did a revealing thing with the kids to tell them the gender of the baby. Check it out here:

We're SO excited to bring a baby GIRL into the house again! 
I have NO girl stuff.. haha... 
But I know God will provide :)

Accessories for Traveling (Especially While Pregnant)!

We're off over seas tomorrow to Israel and Jordan.

I am 20/21 weeks pregnant. Last time I went to Israel I was 7 months and came back 8 months pregnant and I remember how UNCOMFORTABLE the flight was.

So this time I am prepared!

(1) Compression Socks: Long flights (like the several we're about to embark on) + increased blood volume due to pregnancy = serious discomfort and probable swelling. You don't even need to be pregnant to suffer from swelling at great heights. I have used thigh high, knee high and now I am trying shin high socks similar to this one, but not NEARLY as cute!!

(2) Sleeper Scarf: Yes I a serious about my scarves and this just takes that to a WHOLE new level. Upon first try, this seems brilliant! Thick and warm for cold airplanes since I am traveling at the forefront of winter here in the midwest of the USA. The inflatable pillow can be removed and the scarf zipper pouch used as a secret pocket, or just used as a normal scarf. I am worried about how comfortable this will be to wear for 20+ hours of flying/airporting (a verb for lay overs and transferring flights). So I guess I'll let you know in follow-up posts. 

(3) Foot Rest: Did you know they made these?!? I got this lower cost one and it seems to be decent quality from what I've experienced so far (aka in my home, hanging on a chair). I love the little case that this portable foot rest comes in! It packs up so tightly and is easy to slip in a purse or backpack. 

(4) Passport Scarf: I wear a lot of skirts... really that's all I wear. And being pregnant, those waistband passport holders are out of the question. However, I stumbled upon this thin, light weight scarf that has a small hidden zipper pocket that can hide my passport, ID, bank card, and cash! I told my husband I want to slowly purchase more of these scarves to use on the daily! I love this so much!!

(5) Maternity Leggings: I love the leggings that come up over my belly and end on my mid-calf. This way I can wear tall socks if I am cold or I can hike them up if I'm warm. These are my current fave:

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

*VIDEO* Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack Review

I would like to re-introduce you to a company called Let the Little Children Come and their Gospel Tract and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack!

This sampler pack came with a good number of samples of the gospel tracts this company offers.  There were some really cool animated tracts such as the John 3:16 Animated Tract, The True Story of Christmas Animated Tract and the Where's Everybody Going? Animated Tract. It also included a Gospel Buttons FlipAbout tract which is pictured below with a castle on it and a John 3:16 FlipAbout book, two pop-up tracts including The Most Amazing House Pop-up Tract and The Lost Easter Egg Pop-up Tract, two Wordless bead bracelets, a Silicone Salvation Bracelet, and a Wordless Book.

We explored each of these tracts as a family and then I let the kids read through the instruction manuals themselves and practice sharing the gospel to me and to each other.

Here is a short video of the kids using these tools to share the gospel:

Everything is colorful, well organized, clearly written, includes scriptures to back up each point in the tracts and tools.

We LOVE the bracelets simply because they are easy to always carry around with you. 

Jewelry that shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a fantastic idea. 

But the kids favorites were the animated books. 
These captivated the attention of my littlest ears listening to this life changing message. 

The FlipAbout books were a little difficult for the kids to navigate without damaging, but I still really liked these. 

Overall, I really like these tracts and this company - Let the Children Come

I could see these tracts being used by a family to share the gospel with friends and neighbors, a church or Sunday School incorporating them in class, or used as a missionary tool or outreach tool at events. 

We plan on carrying them around in the car in the little bag they came in and using them to share the gospel when we run into a child that wants to hear it!