Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Importance of A Word From the Lord

Now those of you who have no concept of what it's like to hear from the Holy Spirit, this post is going to seem very strange to you. You will either skip it, and move on, or it will challenge you to have a deeper relationship with Christ. One of complete dependance.

For those of you who do hear from the Lord and walk in the Spirit, I pray this encourages you and spurs you on to do it more!

WARNING: This may be a LONG POST, but I don't care. Every detail of this points out how detailed the Holy Spirit is and how He speaks to His people. 

Ahavah's last appointment was around the end of September/beginning of October. The platelets were at 57,000. Her lead at 15. We were instructed that this was probably her "norm" for platelets and we didn't need to take her in for another 6 months or so for anymore checks. Things "looked pretty decent" we were told. 

Bone Pain, Headaches, Lathargicness (if that's a word...), A few more bleeds... the norm for the next month and a half. Even her lips started bleeding a few days ago. 

This last week I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to bring her in. I scheduled a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and a lead blood test for the next morning. 1/2 hour before the appointment I was told unless I got a doctor to fax over the order I couldn't get it done. I scrambled, got everything they needed, only to show up to the appointment and was told I needed to pay for everything in cash, before I could be seen... this has not happened before, but... Okay?? 

Sure enough, a few hours later the nurse calls...

Now, before I continue, there are a number of things the Lord told us about this whole situation:

(1) In May, when Ahavah first got sick, the Lord told us it was an issue with her Bone Marrow. He told us through His Word, through an outside source, and through two Words of Knowledge that two people gave us who had no idea the Lord had told us this same thing. 

(2) We got another Word of Knowledge from Exodus 14 that we were to "Stand back and see the salvation of the Lord" and to "hold our peace". We believed the Lord was telling us not to push to get the bone marrow test done until He told us or provided something.

(3) Both my husband and I were given the verse in Exodus where the Lord tells the people "the firstborn is mine." It was very sobering when we came together and both had gotten that the same day. We had prayed and committed our daughter entirely to the Lord.

(4) When we first bought our home, the Lord gave us a word that there was a great battle coming. We were going to be attacked financially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally and we were only going to get through it through being open, honest, and transparent and through prayer. It was a few days later Ahavah ended up in the hospital the first time and we were facing losing our daughter. There are MANY other things that happened at this same time that I will not blog about, but they hit every area listed above.

(5) I had a dream a few weeks ago that was very detailed and someone was given the entire interoperation to the dream. The basis of it was that we were being beat up, we were bruised and beaten and struggling with no help from onlookers, but we kept pressing on and persevering and there was victory at the end.

(6) There were also two separate people who got visions of Ahavah holding Jesus hand, looking up into His eyes with a smile on her face. There was peace and she knew Him so intimately. One person told me this on May 25th. The other person got the same vision and told me about it just yesterday.

*There were several other words we got, but for space sake, I will only mention the above.*

So with all this prefacing...

... the nurse says, "Wow! It's a good thing you brought Ahavah in! Her platelets are only 2,000!" (This is the lowest they have ever been!)

We had two options: wait until Monday and sit down with her hematologist and come up with a plan of action, or take her to the ER and get her treated right away. I told her to schedule the appointment for Monday and I would continue to pray about it.

After I got off the phone, I felt the Lord tell me, "Now is the time. Prepare for Battle." I remembered the verses from Exodus 14, about waiting on the Lord and felt that the Lord was saying, "Now is the time to see My Salvation".

I texted my prayer group and asked them to start praying. That's when I got the word of the second vision of Ahavah holding Jesus' hand and the peace that was there. 

I talked with my dad and step mom on the phone and my step mom texted me Psalm 91, 2 Samuel 22, and Zephaniah 3:17, all which are FLOODED with the Words, "Prepare for Battle", "He prepares me to fight", "He is my strength, power, support", "Trust in the Lord and see His salvation". 

I was overwhelmed by the confirmation after confirmation of what the Lord was saying. I know I am now to fight for what the Lord has told me to. I know beyond what anyone can convince me of otherwise, what I am to do and that the Lord has it all. "His way is perfect" (Psalm 91:31). 


Dear Reader, I hope you see how important hearing from the Lord is! If we would have pushed for this bone marrow biopsy before it was the Lord's time, who knows what we would have done?!? 

Now, in confidence, we can say, we aren't doing anything else until you do this test. 

We have had people oppose us all the way, some begging us to "Push for it!" and the doctors saying, "You don't need that! We won't do it!", "Ahavah's fine it's just ITP. It will dissolve in 3-6 months."

We can stand UNSHAKABLY and UNQUESTIONABLY on what the  Lord has told us and confirmed to us over and over and over. 

There is no formula on how you can apply this to your life. You can't read this and try to do this in your own situation. BUT you CAN have this! In everything you do! We had several confirmations on the house we were to buy, the job we were to take, the ministries we were to do, the things we are to counsel others with... 

Pray. Seek the Lord. Wait on Him.

Philippians 1:12 "But I want you to know, brethren, that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel."

Whatever the Cost. We will follow Christ.

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