Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Iron Man and Jesus

Hayven can sometimes get stuck on something.
She'll mull it over and over and over in her head until she's an emotional wreck  because she's completely void of understanding and life can simply NOT GO ON... 

She was stuck on the concept that if our body dies and "get's put in the dirt and eaten by worms" (as she put it), then how do we see Jesus?!?!

3 L.O.N.G. days of the same conversation on the difference between the body, soul & spirit and how our body dies, but our soul and spirit go to be with Jesus. 

She's a very emotional being... 

Finally, I resorted to her asking her dad about it. 

Alex said the same things I did, but she still didn't understand. 

So he pulled out his iPad and they watched a short video of Iron Man getting in and out of his suit. He paused the movie and explained that the REAL Iron Man (the person behind the suit) was INSIDE. The suit was just that... a suit. It could be taken off and left in the basement. 

"I GET IT!!!!"