Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Boys Share a Room

The boys finally share a room!

I was waiting until I thought either:

(A) Aryeh could defend himself 
(B) Elias showed he wouldn't try to strangle his brother

I explained to Elias that his brother was going to join him in his room and that it was his job to protect him. 

Elias ran and grabbed his "sword" (some wooden stick he found somewhere).
He stormed back into the kitchen where I was finishing up my butternut squash citrus soup.
"I will FIGHT the dragons and they will NOT get Dukey!!!!"

That night I put Elias into his bed and Duke into his pack-and-play.
I explained to Elias not to put ANYTHING into Aryeh's crib.

I go downstairs for a few minutes and then go back up to check on the boys.
Elias moved his blanket and pillow on the floor next to his brother's bed. 
He had his "sword" in hand and his little eyes closed. 
The mighty warrior had fallen asleep guarding his baby brother's crib.

The following night, he did the same thing.
I snuck up the stairs to see what Elias was doing. 
He was laying there and every 5 minutes or so he would stand up and peek into Aryeh's bed.
When he was satisfied that Duke was safe, he laid back down. 
He continued this until he finally fell asleep.

Now every morning this proud big brother comes down and instead of the first thing out of his mouth being, "Can I have some kowawa (aka granola in Elias language)?" he says, "Where's Dukey?! He's not in his bed!"


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  1. Awwww!!! that is so cool i love what the Lord is doing in and thru the lives of His Kiddos <3