Wednesday, June 1, 2016

36 Weeks 5 Days

I love to blog every detail of my pregnancies and labors because I LOVE to refer back to my previous pregnancies and compare them. I feel like I learn more about my body and more about the whole process every time. 

This has probably been my favorite pregnancy. 
I'm almost term! And my attitude is SO much better then it has been any other pregnancy.
Still facing the same patterns as all my other pregnancies, but my attitudes so much better.  Actually the first trimester was my HARDEST YET!!!!!
That's the LORD! :)

Sunday had contractions upon awakening every 3 minutes. Threw up several times. They got stronger and stronger all day long. Even took a nap and woke up with them. By the evening they were stronger and stronger. Then around 10pm they stopped. 

Monday I was EXHAUSTED! My body was very sore. I just wanted to do NOTHING. I felt like I had run a marathon. Got some weird heat flashes that made me need to shower several times. Finally felt a little better and met my husband and children at the lake.

Tuesday I only had my son. We went to my mom's work and I got a massage! :) Then we went to Ikea and I was standing in line when the worst Heat Flash I have EVER experienced came over me. My body temperature rose several degrees for hours! My skin was red, I was sweating so much so my shirt was WET. This was around 2-2:30pm. I made it to my birth center around 4:00pm for my appointments. Still sweaty and HOT and miserable. My chiropractor worked with my hips to get Aryeh off my hip bone and down into my birthing canal. She then rubbed peppermint oil all over my neck and shoulders which made me feel a LOT cooler.

My midwife then met with me and informed me the owner would make an exception for me to deliver if I made it to 35W and 5D, which was midnight last night! WOOO HOOO! She said my body seemed to have flipped Aryeh from "sunny side up" to the correct birthing position and pushed him down deep into my birthing canal. She thinks I'll go at any minute. She didn't want to check dilation in case "I was at an 8 and freak her out". I think she was kidding?? I am measuring at 39-40 weeks.

Last night I didn't sleep at all. Was up until 5am. Woke up at 8:30 and I have SO MUCH ENERGY, I feel like I could re-shingle the house! It's great for my nesting burst that finally came, and for cleaning up the 8 EPISODES of vomiting in every room of the house that happened all before 12pm... Yeah fun times

Right now, I feel pretty good. No real braxton hicks even though they've been constant since Sunday. I had several this morning that were very strong. I feel like my water is going to bust at any moment just from how Aryeh's positioned and how he feels against my cervix and his sac. He isn't moving really at all today.  Like at all... I just have this sense it's going to happen at any moment...

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  1. wow, Dear Cassie prayers going out for you and your Family, praying the kiddos are better and that soon you will be holding your Son :) Praising the Lord Bernie, Raina & Ali-Saa made it safely to Fargo,ND and that Fabian & I finally got to meet you Dad, hadn't seen Raina in over 8+ yrs so that was cool, got your Sis situated at her host families home or the Ferrari's ;) anyhoo {{hug}} God Bless You, Alex, and the Kiddos Love y'all.