Friday, June 10, 2016

Prodromal Labor and Stuck Baby - 38 Week Update

Last Friday is when Early labor "started" for me I would say. It had kicked into contractions that were 2-3 minutes apart all through the night. Finally around 6am-ish I woke my husband up since they were getting much more intense. I then started vomiting and having bad diarrhea. Suddenly I felt SO SICK. I couldn't keep any food or water down.

We had the kids dropped off at peoples homes and headed to the birthing center. They started to prep my room, filled my birthing tub, checked me and although I was only dilated to a 1cm, they were sure this was it and told me to get comfortable. I was SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Nauseated like I haven't been in a LONG TIME.

I just wanted it dark, and quiet so I could sleep. Contractions moved to 4 minutes apart and less intense. I asked them to send me home so I could just sleep. My midwife came in and told me it looks like I have the flu. She informed me that our bodies will often stop labor until we get over s severe illness so that we can recover, then it will resume with labor afterward. She reassured me that I'll probably be back in that weekend and that they'll even leave the room ready for me. 

Alex and I died. We slept for 20 some hours. Finally I was able to keep food and water down by the end of Saturday. Saturday evening my contractions picked back up at about 8-5 minutes apart. Sunday we went walking and the contractions were quite strong and consistent. 

Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Still contracting with no progress. Tuesday I was up all night with them 2 minutes apart, then in the morning they were 8-10 minutes apart. I was starting to lose it emotionally a little bit. I called the birthing center and they suggested getting checked out, getting some acupuncture, and getting adjusted by the chiropractor. After thinking and praying about it, I decided to wait until my appointment Thursday.

I told them, as I've told them over the last few weeks, it feels like he's stuck on my right hip bone. Every contraction his shoulder is digging into my bone. So much so I was unable to lefty right leg without cringing in pain due to everything being so sore and out of place. 

Yesterday (Thursday) I went in. The chiropractor spent about 20 minutes doing some adjustments, stretches, and really cranking on my hips and pubic bones trying to move the baby off my pelvis. I then saw the midwife and she also did some manipulation trying to get the baby to move. We listened to his heart rate and it was higher then it's ever been, but it would come down to his normal base line eventually, then spike up and come back down. 

She said she wasn't too worried about baby, but she doesn't want me laboring this long either. It's not good for me or baby. She offered either some sleeping meds and things to slow contractions down, however doing this wouldn't promote baby move into position. She asked if I had my hospital bag in the car. She said they would be willing to break my water and hopefully that's just what baby needs to fall into position and active labor to start, however losing the buoyancy of the water around him may make it more challenging to get him unstuck. I told her I wanted the weekend to think and pray about it and see if all the adjusting didn't help him move before I decide what I want to do. 

Needless to say, I went to church and every contraction I was waiting for that grinding feeling on my hip and was delighted at the relief I was feeling. I slept last night pretty well. However several contractions in the night were VERY strong in my back and groin! Even this morning, I am only having a contractions every 20-30 minutes and they are VERY strong and felt in my back, groin and cervix area! 

I am PRAYING that the Lord allowed my son to finally move off my hip bone and where he's supposed to be. 

I had never heard of prodromal labor before this, but I now know how exhausting it is! Dealing with the endless labor is something you don't understand unless you've been through it. Don't expect others to understand either. Most people think I'm simply uncomfortable with the pregnancy. Oh no! I have no issue waiting until 40 weeks to have this baby. It's the labor day after day after day and night after night after night that is emotionally and physically taxing. 

My midwife explained what I am going through is pretty rare. They have about 3 cases of it every year. They are fully equipped to deal with it, however it's just plain taxing on the mom. 

It's nice to know I'm NOT CRAZY and there really IS something wrong and it happens to be exactly what I thought it was. Yay!

Today I am feeling a lot more hope. These contractions feel WAY different now, they hurt quite a bit more, and I'm encouraged that baby finally moved and I can actually dilate now! YaY!

Thanks Jesus!! :)


This is what I wrote as I was breathing through the contractions on Friday Evening:

Yes I am actually in labor.
I'm typing this on my phone at 3:42 am. My next contraction should be in exactly 2 minutes since they're every 5 minutes now and very strong. I wanted to jot down some unorganized thoughts as I sit here anxiously awaiting the arrival of my 5th child, my 2nd son.

Aryeh Duke Deputie.
The Lord have me words for you several months before I conceived you. As I sit here with my birthing pains, I think about our anticiption to see Jesus face to face. The stronger and closer together these get, the more I am reassured the end is near and the goal is within grasp.

Contraction... Just a minute...

It's the hope that gives us the strength and endurance to go through the pain. The hope of the reward. When we pull that baby up and place him on our chest. With a great sigh of relief and that first tear of joy we can finally say, "I did it!"

Oh, I can't wait to see you my son.

Oh, I can't wait to see you my Savior.

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  1. Gracais for every post as we readers get to in a very small way come along for the journey your life has been from day one to this moment in time, Praising the Lord for His faithfulness, love, compassion and strength to endure what may come.... Thank You Lord Jesus Christ!!!