Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Family Member & My Kids on the Radio

It's been a few weeks, but the news is:
My last sister is engaged!!!!
She is engaged to a wonderful man names Pablo Martinez. 
We love him lots.
It's funny because he's been staying with my husband and I off and on over the last few years and him and I have done music together for a few weddings. My kids refer to him as "uncle Pablo". It's so great that soon he will actually be uncle Pablo!

Other then that... there isn't really much new news. 
I am 19 weeks pregnant and find out the sex of my baby next week!! 

We're still homeschooling and working on a lot of character in our children.
My husband's in full-time school as well as working full-time and heading up a few ministries.

Keeping my boy busy get's harder and harder every day. 
I'm REALLY hoping this baby in me is a boy.
Elias just wants to "fight" all day long!
EVERYTHING becomes a weapon. :)

We're also still working on Promo's, commercials, and things for the church radio station. 
The kids even got to record a segment for my dad's show called the "Man Up Show" which airs Wednesday Nights at 7pm.
You can tune in here on Wednesday Night to hear their song.
You can also visit the website for that show here and listen to the past few episodes to hear their song :).

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