Sunday, November 29, 2015


Thanksgiving was a blessing!

My nausea has finally lifted!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Once I hit nine weeks I was feeling much better. Usually 9 weeks is my worst week, but I am thankful the constant throwing up is over with! 

Alyssa and Elias doing Palates.

And you know I'm feeling better since I baked two pumpkin pies, two blueberry crisps, one large peach crisp, 24 cinnamon rolls all from scratch. Oh yes, then my sister and I picked the remainder of the collard greens from the back yard (4-5 paper bags full), washed them, chopped them, food processed them, and then I made two HUGE pots of African-style collard greens.

Thanksgiving morning my sister and brother-in-law came over and we watched the parade and ate 1 dozen cinnamon rolls. Then we went door to door around my neighborhood and handed out fresh hot cinnamon rolls to all my neighbors that would answer. It blessed their socks off!!! Most of them just stood there and couldn't believe what we were doing. 

We spent the day at my mom's house playing games, eating, and looking through Black Friday adds. After my mom's we went to Walmart to get some great deals (such as a vacuum since I haven't successfully vacuumed in over 5 months!!)

We were too tired to set up Christmas decorations that night so we snuggle up and watched one of our new movies we got at Walmart. My sister and I went to a few stores the next morning. Then my husband got very ambitious and moved our bed room downstairs and moved all our kids into our HUGE master bedroom. He even mudded and painted the room the kids were in so that we could turn it into a school room/office. Very cool. 

Elias and Hayven "helped" me set out my Christmas decorations. Really that means they touched EVERYTHING and broke a few things... eh... 

We did my Christmas decorations yesterday as well as some deep cleaning that needed to be done. 5 out of 12 people moved/are moving out of our home, so there is a lot of stuff that needs to be gone through.

Goodbye fall decorations. 

My kids have been blessing my socks off lately. They have had such awesome attitudes and submissive hearts lately I just want to smile and bless them right back. It's not often we're in a season of reaping some of what we've sewn, so I am enjoying it. :)

Things have been great! I loved pulling out all my cloth diapers and boiling them and stripping them and getting them nice and ready for the baby. I know it's going to be a while still, but there's always so much I can do, why not start now?!? Mariah and I have several crafts we want to start so we have home made things for when our babies come (such as wet bags, baby carriers, and nursing covers.)

I'm really enjoying this time with my littles. We're doing school during the day and working on things around the house at night. We have Christmas music playing and yummy things baking in the oven. We light candles and sing worship songs. I pray the Lord's peace and His Spirit fills our home. 

I Hope You're taking time to enjoy your family and not getting caught up in the stressful hustle and bustle of this time. :) Spend time especially with your Savior, at His feet, time with Him. 

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