Friday, September 11, 2015

A Healthier Chelation Treatment: Lead Poisoning

WARNING: Before attempting to chelate your child using Bentonite Clay, have the clay tested for lead. We had the Clay we used when I wrote this article tested and it came back at 12 parts lead per million. The FDA legal limit is .1 parts lead per million. We also tested a bag off the Target shelf and it came back at a MUCH HIGHER lead level then even the clay I used from my natural food store. This is the post where I talk about the results from the test. 

Her "tells" are always aggressive, abnormally irritate behavior. She started compulsively eating the rust off the car even after I told her to stop and she was fighting herself to obey. Her school pencils are missing their erasers... and the metal parts off the pencil. The glitter glue off those plastic pom-poms as well as the sticky glue off my mail envelopes. 

So I took her in. To our surprise her lead went up 11 points. She was at an all time low of 14 and now she's back up to a 25. Thankfully, we weren't hospitalized over the weekend (since it was my sisters wedding), but we only had the weekend to figure out what we wanted to do. We prayed, waited on the Lord, did some research, and came up with a plan for an alternative chelation treatment. 
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I talked the plan over with her pediatrician as well as the Department of Health (whom I've been working with for over a year now) and they both were extremely excited and supportive. The Department of Health added a few more supplements they wanted her on as well as some increased and stricter regimes that I didn't have in my original plan. So here's her plan in a nut shell:

AM - Breakfast
1 tsp bentonite clay in applesauce
Multi Vitamin
Green Smoothie (including organic milk, organic orange juice, spinach and/or swiss chard and/or kale and/or collards, and a handful of cilantro)

Lunch - 
Salad with Organic Eggs, Organic Cheese, A Variation of Organic Vegetables, Cilantro, and homemade dressing of pureed organic fruit or an oil/vinegar blend. 
Large glass of lemon water

Snack - 
1 tsp pure molasses
1 tsp cod liver oil
Organic Dried Fruit, Organic Nuts, Organic Fruit

Dinner - 
Organic Soaked and Fermented Rice 
Organic Soaked and Fermented Beans
Organic Meat (Especially liver, beef, and chicken)
Organic Vegetables
Organic Bone Broths
Cilantro on every dish

1 tsp bentonite clay with applesauce
Bentonite clay bath (Starting at 10 minutes and building to 20-30 minutes) 2-3 times/week
Cilantro Oil on feet with socks over night
Smooth Move Tea/Dandelion Root Tea/Liver Cleansing Tea/Detox Tea

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We're on day 4 of her chelation treatment and she wet her bed last night (which she used to do when she was chelating with Succimer). She's been getting increasingly emotional and exhausted. I try to spend time holding her and just letting her cry on my shoulder. I'm also starting to realize she needs much more rest so she can get better. I'm trying to cut back and the amount of errands we run, especially since we're going out of town next week for 4 days. 

We're praying in some more expensive recommendations the Department of Health suggested for us to implement for a more successful chelation. We're making all the changes we can afford to make, and sacrificing for all the supplementation and diet changes, but God's going to have to provide the other things that we cannot. 

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All in all, we have an amazing church body that's praying us through this whole thing and we're trying not to make it seem like a big deal to her so she doesn't become attracted to "special treatment" or depressed that she doesn't get to do things that her siblings and friends get to do. 

Thanks for the prayers! 
We know one day Ahavah will be completely healed. Whether on this side of heaven or the next :)

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I would say the hardest part of all this, from a mother's perspective, is watching her mind and mental state being affected. Lead attaches to a certain part of the brain that controls your behavior. It's very startling when she has an episode of aggression or emptiness. Sometimes she just starts yelling and aggressively throwing things or pushing things and when you ask her why, she can't tell you. "I DON'T KNOW!!!", she'll yell. Other times she'll just blank stare and you can't get through to her. 

But you HAVE to hold onto all the goodness of God. 
You HAVE to remember that He is good and love's her more then I ever could. 
You HAVE to trust this is in His will.


  1. Have you all ever figured out the cause of this with her and why it keeps going up and down??

    1. No. We've had the department of health over so many times inspecting out home and looking through everything. They tested paint, dust, dirt, water, her toys, clothes, furniture, you name it!

    2. Wow... that's pretty unsettling. Hoping and praying this natural method is a good route for her! Also that everything just resolves completely for her or that the root of it all is found out so that it can be combated.