Thursday, September 24, 2015

God's Not Broke and Omaha Conference

My son in the back followed by my two little brothers :)

Our family and church body had a VERY full month!
We had a God's Not Broke on the West Side of Saint Paul, then my sister's wedding, then another God's Not Broke at our coffee house, followed by a weekend conference in Omaha, Nebraska. 

God's not Broke is an event we do every year when we give out a tremendous amount of free stuff! Free food, free drinks, we have a reverse garage sale (where we pay you a $1 to take something home with you), and we have free concerts going on. At the top of every hour, everything stops and the Gospel is shared from the stage. There are people constantly walking around haring Jesus with everyone that comes. All the food servers are trained to ask people if they're relationship with God makes them sure they will go to heaven when they die before they hand out food. It's an awesome, awesome event!

This is the face I make to my son when he won't give me a kiss. He decided he would try it on me :)

At the last God's Not Broke, I put a band together and played some of my music. 
I am going to try to get my hands on some of those recordings and put them up for you to hear.
We named our "band" Hadarah. If you want an interesting Bible Study, look that word of in Hebrew and read the verses it's included in. :)

Omaha Conference was awesome! 
They ended up having ChildCare provided so the kids got to play with their friends all weekend long. They were very thankful and excited about that! Otherwise, we had brought school work and some other activities for them to do while we sat through the teachings. 

I would have to say the coolest thing was during the After Glow one Night. After Glow is simply a term we use for a time when we wait on the Holy Spirit. People get prayer, we sing worship songs, we pray, people can prophecy, speak in tongues and interperate tongues ect. It's a time when we can exercise our gifts that the Holy Spirit gives us, and we can hear from the Lord on things. everything is done decently and in order according to how the Scriptures lay it out. 

So during the AfterGlow, Alecia just starting bawling! I mean seriously emotional. 
She kept saying the music was making her so sad and she couldn't stop crying. 
Thankfully my husband knew what was going on in her little heart and pulled her aside to talk to her. He noticed that the Lord was trying to reach her little heart. Suddenly a woman came out into the hallway where they were and looked at Alecia and said, "It's the Lord's love isn't it?! It's so soft and gentle." Alecia nodded and started bawling again. She still talks about that night and tears up when she thinks about it. 

I know exactly what that feels like to be overwhelmed with the Lord's love!
I was praising the Lord for showing her how much He loves her!

I remember another parent that brought their five children pulled their kids aside before Afterglow and prayed with them. Alex and I joined their praying. He was praying His kids would understand what was going on and see their parents worshiping the Lord and listening to His voice. He prayed they would know His love for them. 

Thank you Jesus for being so Faithful!
Oh, How You love even my little babies!

We're back home now and finally taking in a deep breath of air! :)
Things have slowed down and we're focusing on sleep school and character training.

I'm so excited that it's fall and we're able to be home, cook, bake, clean, do our school work, study the Bible and the world around us.

I was just on the phone with my mom and I was telling her how much I am so thankful I get to stay home with my babies and teach them...
That's for my next post ;)

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