Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Life Not Your Own

Life's been a BIT busy these last few months.

 And you know when we do busy, it's rarely a "normal" busy. I sometimes wonder what "normal" families do when they do "normal" busy...

We had Hayven & Elias' room set aside a few months back for a girl who needed a place to stay for a week or so. Hayven and Elias moved into our room.

This room, of course, stayed open for several other wanderers to crash in when they needed a place to stay. Then my dad, step-mom and little brothers stayed for about 3 weeks.

We started building a second bathroom in the house while my dad was here. Needlesstosay, it's still... not... finished. 

And along with that project, the fact that home fellowships started back up, and the fact that it's warmer out... plus the news that now BOTH my sisters are courting...

... we've had so much traffic through our home. WE LOVE IT!! There's always at least 10 people here at almost all times. It's been amazing to see the Lord make my grocery money multiply like crazy! Or to see the amount of food I pull out to cook, then several more people walk through the door needing a place to hang out, and somehow my food feeds everyone!  PRAISE THE LORD!

You really can't out give God. 

The girls then had a flying day with CKC (Calvary Kids Club) which was a BLAST!!

Then was my GoLdEn BiRtHdAy/Memorial Day which consisted of My Love and I going to every coffee place near the cities and getting free birthday coffees!! Then we were preparing the house for a big Memorial Day/Birthday Party and my Pastor called and brought my husband and I up in a private plane!! It was awesome!!!

In the days preceding my birthday I got a couple birthday tattoos!!

Then there's been the normal shopping, homeschooling, ministry, family life. It's been a real blast!! I CAN'T BELIEVE ITS JUNE!!!

 The girls had their CKC commencement officially ending the "school year" (however we do school year round). They did amazing and I had no idea we had memorized so many scriptures this year!!!

We currently have a few people living with us right now for this week. After that, we'll see who moves in next! 

I just LOVE living a life being poured out for other people! 
I LOVE having a home that isn't my own. 
One that's open for the Lord to use it however He sees fit. 
What an exciting life we get to live as Christians! 
What an exciting life my kids get to grow up living! 
I Love the Lord so much!

I love what someone told me recently:
"Your house is not your own. Your family is not your own. Your husband is not your own. Your children are not your own. The things you own are not your own. YOU are not your own."

That's just been ringing through my mind the last few weeks. 
Oh how I LONG to get to a point when I take absolutely NO consideration of SELF, but am willing to do whatever for the glory and pleasure of my Lord. 

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