Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Appendicitis Scare and "Mystery" Unknown

Though we can be uncertain about our circumstances, we CAN be certain in our God. 

The GREAT peace and joy that comes with that is evidence of that life "hid in Christ". :)

Two Thursday's ago Ahavah had some stomach pain and a low grade fever. Her stomach was slightly tender to the touch. We debated bringing her in, but with her bleeding disorder/autoimmune disease, and the fact that were passing around mono (which causes swelling of some organs), we decided to be safe and take her in. They looked her over and sent us home. 

Last Tuesday we were at CostCo shopping for our road trip we left on Thursday  morning and all of the sudden Ahavah was dubbed over in excruciating pain. Her face grew pale, she was very weak, and told me she felt like vomitting. I grabbed the nearest trash bin and carried her to the bathroom. We sat in the largest stall as she sat on the floor in front of the toilet. She had some dry heaves and just held her stomach moaning. 

On our way home, she was just begging me to let her go to bed. The corners of her mouth were a bright blue. I brought her home and laid her on the couch. After resting for about an hour, her stomach felt better, but she was exhausted. She just wanted to sleep. After a few phone calls, her doctor wanted to see her.

She was limping and hunched over. Her WBC was 28,000. He platelets were 341,000 (which is phenomenal!!). All she could do way lay down and be carried. So we took her right to the ER. The pediatrician was CONVINCED it was her appendix. She believed it had already burst and we needed to hurry and get her in.

The emergency room confirmed her WBC and fever. We did an ultrasound to check her appendix. All the doctors were sure it was appendix, until the ultrasound. Everything looked normal. The only strange thing they found on "accident" was her kidneys are enlarged near the part where they connect to the "pee tube" (not exactly sure what it's called) and her kidneys, then, have fluid surrounding them. They reassured me it had nothing to do with what was going gone right now, but it may cause us issues in the future. 

The admitted us overnight to keep an eye on her and see if we wanted to do more testing in the morning. The next morning her WBC is half of what it was the day before, her fever was gone, she's acting normal. The crew of doctors came in and the lead doctor really felt like something was going on. She decided on an x-ray and said if we noticed a back up of stool they would discharge her with a very serious laxative regime she was to follow. 

Sure enough, the x-ray revealed her intestines were completely FULL! I've never seen such a sight! The doctor came in and talked to me and said she felt like the constipation was more of a symptom then a cause for all that was going on, but she felt okay about sending Ahavah home. I was to follow up with her hematologist and her pediatrician. 

**GOOD NEWS! Her lead levels dropped to 17, and then to 14!! Praise the LORD! This is the lowest they have been in over a year!!

After talking to the pediatrician that sent us into the ER, she also thinks something bigger is going on here. She remembers how sick Ahavah looked and doesn't think she was simply, "constipated". 

Yesterday the same thing happened but with some new symptoms. There was much less stomach pain this time, but she has having headaches and started getting a cough and runny nose and she was sneezing uncontrollably. I tried some allergy medicine and nothing helped. She got a low-grade fever again and a rash all over her face. She was wiped out! She was very whiney and wanted to just lay down and sleep. 

It's a mystery (to man) what's going on with my daughter, but not to my God.

He holds all things in His hands and His good will WILL be done. 
I trust Him entirely. 

I am praying her upcoming appointments reveal what the recurring fever is from. 

I am hoping that she is just sick from the mono that I have been dealing with (even though all her blood work suggests she doesn't have mono). 

I may not be certain about what's going on, but I don't need to be... 
I am certain in who my God is. 

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