Thursday, March 12, 2015

Album Release & Lessons About Homeschooling

So some news I have been holding back for a while is that I have been working on recording some music for a LONG... LONG time. 

I am NOT very good at this whole recording thang... but I have gotten some tips from some people who had a career in recording, so I think I am managing. 

I could really use some prayer in this area!
Not only do I have NO idea what I'm doing, but I also have very little uninterrupted, silent, alone time without someone screaming, crying, or needing their butt wiped time to dedicate to recording.
Ontop of that, my allergist believes I have Vocal Chord Disfunction.
I have been having a horrible time with my vocal chords for the last couple months due to all the food allergy reactions, I believe... 

Praise the Lord, He's given me strength Sunday mornings to get through most the set without losing all ability to sing in tune. 

So I have 4 songs on the album Spirit and Truth Vol. 2 on Noise Trade right now. 
I will be s.l.o.w.l.y. adding songs o.n.e. a.t. a. t.i.m.e. until the first (Vol 2) album is complete, then I'll be working on the second album (Vol 1), and then I'll need to arrange the third because for every song I get recorded, I write 2-3 more! 

You can check that out here:

It's all free and will forever be free :)


& what I've been learning

Family Night, we played video games with daddy! Hayven kept apologizing for hitting people on Super Smash Brothers and Ahavah got frustrated Peach kept jumping off the edge of the game board.
One thing that's hard for me to learn is that it's OKAY to skip the text books to teach the kids how to plant seeds and germinate them and get them ready to plant when it's warm. 

It's OKAY to take a day off math worksheets and phonics books to get a gift card for someone who has a need, or go to the store to get homeopathic allergy medicine that's on sale. 

I think we were learning about light and how all colors are in light. We started with primary colors and mixed them as we went along. We then put them in order of the rainbow.
 It's MORE IMPORTANT to deal with lazy attitudes and frustrated emotions then it is to get through our history lesson. 

It's MORE IMPORTANT to laugh and giggle when one child seems to think that everything going on around them is hilarious... including the fact that EVERY TIME you get through a sentence in the Bible study Elias says, "Ewww! Poop!!"

History class we learned about Saint Valentine. We've been recently studying the martyrs of the early church. I've noticed that my girls have been struggling through being nervous about sharing their faith due to our studies, but they were encouraged when they saw their dad out witnessing and evangelizing today to a few people. We're working through this fear with them and I'm praying the Lord works in their little hearts. 

It's REALLY ABOUT finding the balance between discipline and teaching good work ethics, and having fun and responding to where your kids, family and others outside your family are at. 

It's REALLY ABOUT standing in the gap between childhood and adulthood and paving the ground your children walk upon to get them to their destination.

Our adventures to Home Depot's and Menard's trying to find a new water heater for our house. Whenever we go out places we try to incorporate some sort of learning. Whether it's counting, problem solving, obedience training, sharing our faith, or reading peoples name tags.

 When I say "There is NO GREATER JOY"... I can't even express in words what that really means. 

I am the one that the sick child wants to be held by; when they are helpless, they just want me to hold them and brush their hear behind their ears.

It's my name they call in the middle of the night when their potty training and have an accident on the bed, or when night terrors have their little hearts pounding in their chests.

My little Hayven is growing so fast and doing SO well in preschool  We finished up the Old Testament and are now moving into the New Testament. She's counting and knows all her letters and the sounds they make! We're working on recognizing numbers and writing skills. 

It's memories with me they'll have about snuggling up on the couch and struggling to read their first words day after day that lead into reading their first short story book. 

It's me they run to for comfort, console, strength, and encouragement before they go running back into this dark, hard world to press on with life.

My dad with my little brother Aaron Matthew.

My only prayer is that it's me that always points them to Jesus.

Mommy won't always be here,
nor can mommy save you. 
Only Jesus can.

I pray with all my heart that it's me that points them to Jesus.

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