Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Bedtime Prayer

The pressures of this life
The fears that stealthily come
The distractions that wave their colorful ribbons
If not vigilant, we become numb

We let them tiptoe into our hearts and minds
Not realizing they're planning coup
Stealing our hope, our joy, our focus
Please don't let this happen to you!

Oh, Lord, You say you'll guard my mind
If I keep my eyes fixed on You
I need Your peace so desperately
Purify my heart and make it new

I want nothing else to matter
But to simply hear Your voice
Everything else can fade away, dim
And in this I make my choice

I wish my mind could tell my heart 
How it should be convinced
But I often slip back into the grip
Of fear and purposelessness 

How can I persuade my own un-consciences
That it needs to care no more
About the things that "fate" could bring
And be steadfast on You, Lord?

Take my heart Lord
Take and seal it
Seal it for Thy Courts Above

Fear, my greatest enemy
So meaningless and frail
My God who defeated the Grave!
Your Spirit lifts all darkness like a veil

No enemy can prosper
No unseen forces can prevail
Not even the grave or death can hold You!
My God, All Power! All Hail!

My wicked heart still falters
Though I know all this to be true
It's like a fever I cannot break
How can I be free? I wish I knew.

Do Your Work, My Jesus
Have Your way in Me
From all this madness and sleepless nights
I truly desire to be free

I long to be like children
Just trusting in Your care
To know You have my every step
And of all these fears, You're aware

Please tell my heart that my mind is correct
And make the two unite
Thank You Jesus. I'll forever worship Your Name
Thank You Lord! Goodnight.

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