Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why We Home-Educate

Every Family Is Different.
Every Parent Is Different.
Every Child Is Different. 

The beautiful complexities of family living; 
the gorgeous intricacies of how a parent is perfectly suited to meet every need of each specific child.
How the personalities all mesh. 
How strengths and weaknesses grind together as iron sharpens iron.
It's so wonderful!

This, my friends, is my firm belief. 
I really, honestly believe that no one can teach my children as well as I can. I don't think anyone has pieces of the same DNA that my children do, like I do. I don't believe anyone on this earth can be as connected to them as I am. I understand there are exceptions to this... but this post is about why we homeschool... so I can rant about whatever I want :)

Reason #1: No one can teach my children as well as I can. 
I know my Ahavah sounds out words to read them. 
My Alecia memorizes words and then can fly through a story. 
My Hayven likes to act things out with play and often needs to reinforce things she learns in several different ways to fully understand something. 
My Elias likes wheels, needs to be active, and loves Little Pim videos! He hates reading, unless there are cars in the book. 

All my kids take to music very well! Anything put to song they soak it up. When I speak to any of my children, I have great influence over them. They respond to me and have a relationship with me they can not have with anyone else on this planet! It's so awesome!

Reason #2: My husband's biggest reason is that he HATES how schools nowadays teach. He hates the whole relativistic worldview. He hates how we are taught to accept everything and stand for nothing. He just dropped out of a "history class", which was more of a religion class, where the professor actually said, 
"We won't be using any textbooks in this class." 
"There are no 'facts' in history." 
"I won't be teaching any of that Founding Father garbage."!!!! 
My husband keeps up on what schools are teaching children. Did you know only 50% of children in Saint Paul graduate high school?!

Reason #3: We can allow our kids to go at their own pace. I've seen a lot of parents use this as their excuse to slack off in homeschooling and we are very cautious NOT to do that. 

In fact, my twins are 4 years old, and they are right now about 1/2 way through kindergarten. They are reading basic easy reader books. They are brilliant at Math! They are taking a science, history, and handwriting class also. We're starting them on the piano this coming year. My twins should only be just going into preschool learning letters and colors... 

Now my Hayven just turned 3 and she is 1/2 way through her second year in preschool. She knows all her letters, how to count, all her colors, and more! She shouldn't even be starting kindergarten until about 2 years from now (since her birthday is in December)

Reason #4: Flexibility with Time. We are able to travel (which we do several times a year). We are able to stay out until 3am in the middle of the week if we want to. We are able to do our school in the morning (which we usually do), or we can do it in the afternoon, or the evening if dad wants to participate in something. We can accomplish 5 days worth of school into 4 days and have a 3 day weekend. We can take months off and do school year round, or we can follow what other kids do and take summers off. We can take a sick day none of my kids will miss anything.

Reason #5: We can teach the Bible and raise them doing ministry. We all do devotions together in the morning and study a chapter a day of a book and plow through books of the Bible. Each kid reads the Bible in school once a year. We memorize scripture and practice this every day. We pray in the morning, during school, at meals, at night as a family. We bring our kids to the church building to set up, to peoples house to minister and fellowship, to the church coffee house for feasts and things. They serve along side us picking up trash, watching and playing with other children, or in whatever capacity they can. 

My kids have seen more of this country then met high school students. I hope we can go on missions trips in the future and they can see places all around the world. 

Yes, I think it would be so much easier to simply send them on the school bus and have the day to myself. 
Yes, there are days when I want to quit. 
It's a lot of work
But, really, what could be more important?!? 
I can't think of a single thing. 
I am going to die and there is no amount of money I can earn that will make any sort of difference in this world. 
No song I write is going to be sung for hundreds of years. 

BUT the investment I make on a daily basis of pouring my all into my children will last! 
It will last for as long as I live. 
It will be with them their whole lives. 
They will raise their children with how I raised them imbedded in them. 
Their children's children will do the same.
 Not to mention the treasures I am storing up in heaven leading my little lamb's hearts to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Teaching them how to pray. 
Showing them how to deal with hardships and trails. 
Showing them how to fight for the helpless and the outcasts. 
Equip them with diligence and a solid work ethic that they can take with them in any avenue of their life. 

Oh, weary mom!
Remember THIS!
Hold onto this!
This world comes up against homeschooling so much. 
Don't believe the lies! 
Keep pouring yourself out like a drink offering unto the Lord and into your precious little lambs. 
Daily lead them beside still waters.

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