Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Much about Nothing

JUST kidding... it's my little brother!

This is me and my littlest sibling Aaron Matthew. This is only the second time I have held him and he's four months old! He has finally been released from the hospital this last week. I want SO badly to be there to hold him and kiss him!!!

Here is my sisters and I with AaronMatthew. 

Nana (Grandma) having a craft time for the grandkids and kids. 

My little sister enabling my little brother to paint all over himself...

My husband and I.

 Yes I crafted too!

Hayven my 3rd painting away!!

Eating at a GREAT corner shop in Detroit. I forgot what it was called...

... but we were definitely the center of attention there... and pretty much everywhere we go where dad lives...
I was able to assist in leading worship at an afterglow service in Ann Arbor, MI.

I can't think of any specific reason I am writing this post other then that I want to babble about how life is right now... 

My husband started school Monday. He works every morning and has school every evening. We have our lives pretty scheduled out as far as how our days are going to go to ensure we have enough time for the Lord, each other, family, work, school and ministry. We have weekly date nights planned, weekly family nights, and weekly nights (sometimes twice a week) where we meet with people over dinner and fellowship. We make sure we all have our personal devotional time, devotions and prayer as a family every night, and I have about an our a day to work on worship sets, and time to write songs and get some recording done. 

My SUPER MAN!! In training... 

Homeschool's going awesome! 
Were half way through Kindergarten and Preschool. I am working out what books and such I need for next year already (I'm a huge planner if you haven't noticed already). 
My girls are reading more and more fluently everyday. It's so exciting!
Hayven has become so much more diligent in her work: chores and school work. I'm so proud of her and love watching my babies mature into little women. Even my son has become hard working in his chores that he does every day (picking up toys and throwing away garbage). 

My Hayven and I with our matching winter gear :) She insisted we get a picture taken together. 

Oh my, I can't tell you how much I LOVE being a mom :)
There's just No Greater Joy!
**someone should title a blog that** ;)

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