Sunday, July 20, 2014

A L.O.N.G. Needed Update

***Enjoy all the pics!!***

It's been a while since I wrote last... again... We have been trying to really enjoy time together, get settled (finally) into our new home, and growing in our walks with Jesus. So I have quite a bit I want to write about:

Ahavah: Ahavah was on this "Chelation" treatment for the lead poisoning. Her lead level went down to 10. PTL right?!? Well we had an appointment Monday (July 14th). Her platelets were still in the 95,000 area. Then we were told we were probably good on blood draws for the next month until we should check her again, unless major bleeding starts up. YES!!! A whole month without an appointment/hospital visit!! Well... then I got the call... her lead level is back up to 28. Our theory is that her bones were holding onto some of that lead and are now releasing it into her body?!? Really, we have no idea. I am brining her in sometime this next week and we will test again and talk about some ideas. I am at home doing my homeopath mama thing trying to lower her levels using cilantro oil and bentonite clay.

4th of July: For the fourth we had an awesome time with our great friends! We went to lake Elmo all day, then we went to Stillwater for fireworks. We were so fried (literately... well at least I was... the rest of my fam has a pretty good base tan) when we got home. It was awesome! We got New York style pizza, ate tons of Candy Land candy and shared Jesus with quite a few people. Here are some pics:

Hello House; Goodbye Car: So our first few days back being into our home for a long time (after hospital stays, and after being urged NOT to go home since we didn't know where the lead poisoning was coming from), we didn't have a midweek service for church. We are fellowship JuNkIeS so you KNOW we had to go somewhere! We drove all the way to Solid Rock Church in the Minneapolis area (45 minute drive). My sister was driving our car, my husband our borrowed car. She asked me to pray as we were driving because she felt like something was wrong. After church we were leaving and the entire transmission went completely out as we were pulling out of the parking lot. The car was in park and we could push it with just one finger! PTL for His protection! A brother and sister from the church drove us all the way home and hung out for a few hours that night. It was great!

We knew we had to return our borrowed car, and we had a ton of hospital visits coming up, but we were so trusting of our Lord that we just laughed about the whole thing. Well... at least we aren't homeless! :) :) Out of the blue my grandparents call and they pulled out a stock in my name years ago. The business closed and the check was being sent to me. $800. The van was scrapped and we banked another $300. Two people we knew were selling their van for $500, and other car for $500. That left us $100 for tabs and title changes. And that's how my God provides. Not to mention this van is so much nicer then our last van!

Water Park: Yesterday we went to the water park with the DGP (Discovering God's Path - our children's summer program) kids from church. It was SOOO fun!! Here are some pics:

Funny Things: 
So the girls were talking all about what they wanted to be when they grew up and here is how the conversation went:

Ahavah: So... I changed my mind, mom.
Mom: About what 'Hav?
Ahavah: What I want to be!
Mom: Oh! When you grow up? Well, what do you want to be?
Ahavah: Well, I decided I don't want to be a pink clown anymore. Just a princess... and a ballerina. 
Alecia: Me too! I want to be a princess too!
Mom: What about you Hayven? What do you want to be?
Hayven: I want to be ... hmmm... a snowman! :)

Also, I taught Elias how to throw his own diapers away when I am done changing him... well it started out good. Then he threw every diaper he saw away. Clean or dirty. Then I started missing plates and silverware. Then I started checking the trash and would find shoes, toys, cups and the like all in the trash. :) :)

Elias and Hayven have a really classic brother-sister relationship. No one can make Elias laugh like Hayven, and no one can make Hayven cry like Elias. The other day, I was cleaning my windows during nap time and brought Elias into my room so he wouldn't wake the other kids up. He saw the squeegee, grabbed it, and headed right for his room. I followed him, of course... all good mom's are suspicious. His little body reached over Hayven's bed guard and he started smacking her with the squeegee. Whenever he picks up a spoon, stick, or empty bottle, he heads right for Hayven. :) 

Things I Have Learned: Things don't overwhelm me. I am so surprised at this, and I know it's all the Lord's work in my life. As much as I don't like how fast life seems to be going, the appointments, the responsibilities, the overtime at Alex's work, and ministry seem to flow so easily and naturally. Alex and I have been spending one hour a day devoted to prayer. Once a week we try to pray for that hour together. We also joined a prayer group with a few other couples and meet on a weekly basis. Man! I love it! 

My prayer hour every day is like sip of water from a fresh, flowing brook and a soft, cool breeze in a desert land. I have found myself conversing with the Lord almost constantly throughout the day. Praising Him for this, asking Him for wisdom on that, hearing Him tell me to talk to this person. Oh, it's so intimate  It's so... no words cannot explain. I wouldn't trade ANYTHING for it! The first word on my lips in the morning is... "Lord..." The last thought in my mind is, "Oh Jesus! I love you!"

With all this said, the trails persist, most of which you will never know about, nor will I post on this blog. We are promised them by Jesus Christ himself. It's part of being His disciple. There is sacrifice. There is pain. There is suffering. And although I don't consider myself to have suffered at all compared to most, I know I wouldn't trade anything for my Jesus. 

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